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I Suffer From Agoraphobia!

Hey Everyone!

Well my story is pretty simple. I suffer from agoraphobia. I haven't left my house as of 1 yr exactly this month. I can actually leave my house to go to the doctors because its only a couple blocks away from my house but other than that I am terrified. I currently take the medication of lexapro && xanax. I at first feared simple stuff as even showering, brushing my hair, eating it was pretty scary. I decided at that point I had to get help so I went && saw a doctor who helped me get on my medication that I am taking today. I find myself trapped a lot of times. I don't like to be left alone, I fear of having a panic attack && I have being away from my house (safe zone). I am getting better with the help of family && friends but sometimes I feel alone && helpless. I honestly want to get better && if anyone has any tips or even wants to share their story I'd really really appreciate it. I hope others can relate to my story && see that were not alone. =)
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Wow, has it still been that long since youve left your home?

2 yrs =(

Im sorry, do you ever wanna leave but too scared? Or you like it
Sometimes i just dont wanna go anywhere cause of anxiety, my room is "safe"

It's like your reading my mind. I'm actually both. I try and go out and it's scary and then anxiety takes over and makes me not want to do it and then I don't want to go anywhere because it's all about wanting to feel "safe" and not scared so I do whatever I can do to feel safe so you could say both. Have you ever had anxiety or have known someone like this? You seem to have a lot of knowledge on it.

I always have anxiety, but ive never wanted to take medication for it so im always stressed and have alot of panic attacks. I woukdnt ever say im agoraphopic but there are def days where i want to stay inside, going out feels uncomfortable to me

Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that you have anxiety. Makes me sad to know that others know what it feels like to have anxiety but it's good to know that your not on medication and everything because if I think about getting off mine I'd feel lost honestly but if there is something I do know is anxiety and if you ever want to talk I'm a message away. or I text and all that but I do hope you are able to find ways to beating it. -)

Thanks, i appreciate that :) same goes for you, anytime you want or need to talk im more than happy to

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I have been agoraphobic for 14 years now, although people around me set I no longer am I think agoraphobia will be with me forever I have just learnt to deal with it differently. I was not only house bound but room bound. I found it hard to leave my bedroom at one point in time. Someone said to me "why? Aren't the consequences of not doing greater than the consequences of doing?" it struck a cord with me and I started on my long road to recovery. I made it my full time job to get better. At first I could only walk to the garden gate and back, then to the first lamp post in our road and back then a lap of the house and now France, Disneyland etc. etc. I still have limitations, I can't get on a plane yet BUT I will one day when I am ready and do will you. For me setting goals was and still is important. Hope my tale helps in some way, be happy and do whatever it takes to get yourself out there xxxxx


Thank you for sharing your story, it means a lot to me. I am glad to hear that you are had made it a goal to get better and was able to persue that. I do know what you mean that we will never be fully free from agoraphobia but to know that there is life outside the house is exciting. I love the quote you said about what someone said to you. I think that can really help me out a lot as well. I will set small goals each day and try to accomplish them. Thank you for telling your story with me. It really shines that ray of light on agoraphobia. I can go to the mailbox and everything but as far as that goes I can't go any further but small steps is def what I aim for. Thank you a gain for sharing your story with me. Very inspiring.

Hello I know this site, post outdated but I suffer from agoraphobia would like some if any help...

Hey Cerise333,

I'm so sorry for the late reply. I still am agoraphobic so even if I wrote this a while back I still am going through what I was going through back then! If there is anyway that I can help let me know. Send me a message or comment or anything and I will do my best to just listen or talk with you. I think we could both use someone! =) Would be glad to do so.

wow when did this all start ?

Hmmm back in November of 2010 =( Almost two years to be honest. Do you know anyone who suffers from this too?

You are too beautiful to be afraid to leave your house and leave the rest of us fearing we will not be graced with seeing your beauty. It's the rest of the world that should be intimidated and fearful of you my dear. I know you will get through this.

<3333 This just made my day. Honestly! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I def know I'll get through this. I have no doubt and with wonderful people on EP by my side such as yourself. I'm grateful THANK YOU <333

Want to know something crazy? I get panic attacks when in public and especially around lots of people, yet I make a living in Sales! I have to frequently psych myself up and at times I feel like I'm falling apart on the inside in public but nobody else notices anything different. It's all in my head. Glad I made your day dear!

You did - thank you! =))) and Do you really? =( I'm so sorry to hear that. On a good note though least you are able to control it. I once knew exactly what you mean ;) Just know that your def not alone thats forsure. =) I hope that it does go away or is more managable ;)

Hello all:<br />
<br />
I am 58 and agoraphobia has ruled my life for 20 years. I recently began an online friendship with a man who is caring and compassionate, but I cannot bring myself to take the chance of meeting him in person. I manage to leave the house for my job 3 days a week but have no social life at all. I make plans months and weeks ahead of time and it sounds so good to me that I accept invitations. When the actual day comes I get physically ill and can't go through with it. <br />
<br />
Is there anyone with help for me?<br />
<br />

Hey sweetheart.

I'm happy to hear that your not fully housebound like myself but as for getting help. I do workbooks which have helped recently. If you haven't found lucinda basset she has several programs that have helped millions of people out there along with with a workbook I have called beating the panic trick. I hope those help hun! If you ever need a friend I can totally relate =) Your in y thoughts.

How Kind Amazing!

I will check out Lucinda Basset immediately. How long I have thought that I am alone in this battle. Thank you for your quick response and support!

Dear friends, <br />
I am 19 years old and am bordering on agoraphobia. The only thing that stops me from it is my love and passion for photographing nature. I have a fear of going blind, and a fear of the sun, i also have light sensitivity photophobia. Try something called the linden method..... I'm going up to see them on a retreat. I also study Art and like to Sing. My fear seems very real, since you can be blinded by the sun...... so no wonder i only go out on grey days. For those of you who dont fear the sun, try photography it is great for agoraphobia, and so is art.

I'm so sorry to hear about your bording lining agoraphobia but your doing a great job at least attempting to not cross that bridge. I wish you the best in everything you do! I will have to take up photography hopefully that can get me to go outside more often =) Thanks again!

Dear friends.

Fear is:<br />
<br />
False<br />
Expectations<br />
Appearing<br />
Real<br />
<br />
something one of my University instructors shared in class

love that, thank you for sharing that with me =)

i understand your story i am sad to see you go through this that is why i recommed those books to try to help you i am pulling for you i am hoping your brain chemistry shifts and if it does you can get much better suffering as i do i never know what to expect from day to day like you i take my meds and i go out there and sometimes i have an anxiety attack i will always pray for you and hope you will be ok you are a very king carning loving person who deserves better i know god watches over you my hopeisthat you get betteri am hoping something new will come out to help you , you deserve the best life can offer and i hope you will get it i am your friend and care so much about you may GOD bless you beautiful vinny

I think I have a mild form of this only with extreme concentration am I able to come out

I'm so sorry to hear you may have it. I def hope not. This condition is very challenging but you seem to have a will to not cross that bridge so best of wishes to you and if you ever want to talk I'm free anytime and would like to help anyway I can since I as well suffer from this condition. Your in my thoughts =))) STAY STRONG.

it only sucks if you want to be normal and go out doors. it is a very interesting disorder. the funny thing is it is hard to meet people like you cause you are never around (think about it.. bad joke but true). i never want to leave my house either, but for entirely different reasons. i find everything terribly uninteresting and i normally don't have the energy, but i do it anyway when i have to. i like in a city and i don't like groups of people or buildings. which is ironic cause i work for an architect doing drawings of buildings. life seems to just hate some people more than others. hope you get better.

im 23 i havent left my house in over a year i live in a fasility that wants to make me leave the house i feel alone my family and friends have abandoned me and this place is my only option if i dont live here i would be homeless and im terrified of that option but im terrified of leaving if there is any outher option out there please let me know im depreate!!! i need a new place to live and an agoriphobia suport group i too am on anxiety meds im on Klpnapin and xxanex together but they are not working as well as i would like them too if you could please help if there are any outher facilities out there for someone like me i would love it if someome could give me advise as to how to get in to them i know here is good because i have staff that do my shopping and thins but they are really pushy and they wont let me do things one step at a time they just push push push and im starting to feel suicide is a better option!!

Well they say to do one thing every day that scares you!. and for us, that should be easy. I thought i would add a little inspiration story for you guys: I went from almost agoraphobic, running out of grocery stores, bank lineups, malls now i stand in front of many people and give presentations!!......never in my wildest imagination would i think i could do that!..I would've called YOU crazy for suggesting such a thing....but...alas, here i am. Am i scared at times?..Hell yes!!..but i do it anyway, and after the first couple's like i've been up there my whole life. So for sure there is light at the end of the just have to keep plowing through.....:)

Hey Christine, judging by your story and comments, you seem like a genuinely lovely person, and I really sympathise with your plight! I was in a similar situation once, although not quite to the same extent. I was scared to walk anywhere alone, to talk to unfamiliar people, to catch the bus, to even look strangers in the eye or talk to a boy. Perhaps a different situation, but I was definitely overcome by fear. <br />
<br />
It's weird how you can recognise that fears are irrational, but they're still just as scary! What is your big fear? Mine was rejection. My fear of rejection ruled my life, and dictated everything that I said or did. I was constantly analysing everything people said or did, and everything that I said or did. I was paranoid, and my thoughts often leapt to the worst conclusions. When I saw people talking, they must be whispering about me. When I walked onto the bus, everyone was looking at me, and judging me. Obviously I was extremely self-centred haha.<br />
<br />
Anyway I am getting somewhere with this. No one should have to live a life dictated by fears! And I know that's all well and good to say, but I also know that it IS possible. It does help, at first, to dig deep and recognise what you're big underlying fear is - I know people scared of failure, of yelling, of rejection, of making mistakes - there's just so many! Once you recognise it, it's easier to combat it head-on! And I know that there IS hope of recovery! I am now the most extroverted person ever. I love the challenge of meeting and getting to know new people, I love new experiences. I feel like a completely different person. It sounds like you haven't just accepted your fears, but you're actually trying to combat them, which is such an awesome step!<br />
<br />
Anyway if you ever want to talk, I am more than happy! I don't know your entire situation, but I do know what I went through and how tough it was. I also know that not having anyone to talk to about it possibly made things worse. Luckily you've discovered this wonderful community here - a safe place to tell people what you're feeling and going through! I wish you all the best.

Hey Nadiney =)
Thank you so much for saying what you said about me, makes me feel good to know people can see that in me. You seem like an incredible person and thank you for your kind words. =)

I really appreciate you telling your story. This site has really opened my eyes a lot since I've found, and I genuwinely feel like I found people who can relate and who are supportive and won't judge me (Including you).

I am sorry you had to even face all that fear. I can def relate. Just like you said I may not be able to relate to the same extent but the fear in itself is the same I feel like. I really appreciate you wanting to be here for me, means the world to me. And the same goes to you as well, I'm all ears and open to any dicussion I can def learn a lot from other people.

I def don't think you were self centered it was just a constant fear of being rejection that can be hard. As for my fear I fear panic attacks a lot. So to conclude that fear I won't do things that make me feel uncomfortable because I know its bound to lead me to a panic attack. It's sooo scary for me but I'm a lot better off from when it all started but it haunts me everyday.

Your story is truely inspiring. To see that you had to get over what you were feeling and then to come out on top gives me a lot of hope. I am so glad to hear a happy ending to such a story, and I'm also glad to have met you on this site.

I hope maybe we can talk about things and even just get to know each other. Would be great to have a new friend and someone who could be supportive in this terrifying journey!

I hope to hear from you more often and Your def in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing your story and for the support. Means a lot.

Face your fears its the main way to get over it

Your completely right. I'm going to have to find my inner strength and do what makes me scared.

Hi. I think that Bluekitty123456789 means well but simply facing your fears is easier said than done. I too, have agoraphobia and I hate it when people tell me to face my fears. If I could, I wouldn't be in this situation. I have had this phobia for over 30 years. I am on meds but they don't seem to be working. Just a question, you may not want to answer, but how does the Xanax work? Is it helpful? Thx and I will be praying for you. ei

Thank you sooo much Leena for the kind words. I agree sometimes it is hard to face our fears your right or we wouldn't be in this situation. It is super hard.

I'm sorry you suffered from this for 30 yrs =( I will be praying for you as well, and for all of us dealing with this problem!

As for your question xanax helps but I'm on Lexapro daily like I take Lexapro every night and have Xanax for emergencies only. I won't lie I got addicted to it quick because it numbed me but I abused it. As soon as I got nervous I took a pill and really I'm only supposed to have it if I have a panic attack. Just make sure you becareful with it cause it can be addicting kk.

I hope you find medication that will help. My medication doesn't get rid of the fear but it helps with the anxiousness I feel on a daily basis so it helps me to be able to function somewhat normally. =)

Get better Christine, pray, live and breathe. tke cre of yourself.. live fearless.. i pray for you to get you better :)

Christine, I ABSOLUTELY know how you feel.<br />
<br />
I am a guy looking for people just to have an online friendship with at this point.<br />
<br />
I have been agoraphobic for over 15 years now, although I am sometimes able to travel with certain family members/friends in the right situations. I am probably what can be considered to be "situationally housebound" - if I can't find a safe person to go with me to a place I can't go alone, then I won't go and will stay home, isolated and alone.<br />
<br />
I used to have a perfectly normal life until this hit me in my late twenties. I had lived in many different places including NYC, subways on a daily basis, lots of friends and partying until 4AM and beyond. The last job outside the house was a great one, I had to leave about 250,000 dollars in stock options behind because this affliction was causing me to spiral downward. I figured at the time I was still young enough to get over this and claw my way back.<br />
<br />
Now I am 45 years old, and have basically had no relationships since then. I have made a few friends here and there along the way, but basically I hold on the best I can to the realtionships I made when I was "normal". I am quite close with my siblings/in-laws, so that helps. Although they are growing increasingly frustrated with me as the years roll by, as I am with myself. I look at my Facebook page and pictures from my past, and it almost seems like another person. I used throw legendary parties of 300+ people growing up at my folks house, now that seems miles away.<br />
<br />
Thing about me is that if I'm feeling good, you would never know anything is wrong with me - I have become a true master of disguise. And since many of my old friends have become quite successful themselves, I am still exposed to some cool stuff, when able (which is NOT very often).<br />
<br />
Despite all this, I still hold out hope that someday I can still go back to living a somewhat normal life.<br />
<br />
After many years of resisting associating with support sites and the people who frequent them, I am no longer in denial. This is who I am, and I would welcome the chance to have some sort of dialogue with you. Or anyone else that shares this affliction.

I am terribly sorry to hear you've been struggling w/ this for such a long time. I'm so happy to hear that you still have hope that you can go back to who you once were. I can totally relate I used to be such a social butterfly in high school I did everything it seems like.

I used to be in marching band and did flags, I used to be in competive acting classes and was in every social club out there and its sad to see how I became so sheltered.

I agree w/ what you said about not being in denial this def makes us who are we are today but I believe going through such a tough time can make us stronger and helps see things in a new light. Being in this situation has been such a downfall but at the same time has been a blessing and has uplifted me.

I always try to look at the negative as a possible. If it wasn't for agoraphobia I wouldn't have known who my true friends were or I wouldn't have gotten so close to my parents because of this. I am sorry for the losses you endured during this process but I know that agoraphobia isn't the end for us its only the beginning.

Your story is inspirational and if you ever want to share stories or advice I'm all ears and I would love making a new friend. =) I wish the best for you!!!! I'm thinkin about you and if you ever need anything I'm a message away.

Soul, are you still able to work at that hospital job your sister got for you? It must be really tough if you're still struggling with agoraphobia.

I have been indoors at times but never stayed indoors more than a week without stepping out. Maybe it's me being in denial or something. I usually found a reason or excuse to go outside. At times, I had no other choice. Whatever agoraphobia is, it sucks. Panic attacks; fear of panic attacks; feeling guilty; no one understanding. It's a vicious cycle. It's a hard way of life, and I feel like agoraphobia has a life of its own and should be arrested or something. Anyway, that's a little rant.

I agree we def need to figure something out about arresting it cause its a pain to deal with. It's nice to hear your story I really appreciate that.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I stayed in for nearly two years - I was writing, at the time. I kept my Agoraphobia to myself; so my friends and family just thought I was a nutjob who was lazy. My sister, who is a nurse, up and got me a job at her hospital and forced me out the door. Needless to say, it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It's still hard, and I feel helpless and scared everyday, but I'm pushing on.<br />
<br />
If you ever need to talk; you can come to me. :)

Thank you soooo much for sharing your story. I'm so sorry you even went through that but I totally understand what you mean I have stayed inside for little over a year and its devestating to know that I let it affect me for sooo long. I hope you are getting better, its an inspiring to know that you are pushing everyday it gives me hope =) and the same goes for you as well, if you ever need to talk I'm all ears!!! I think we both can benefit from it as well.

It's okay; we're all in the same support group, after all. We've all got the same issue, and can be there for each other. We can help push each other to progress one simple day at a time. There's no pressure here, just support and understanding. :)

I agree this is such a great support group its really opened my eyes and has helped me know that I'm not alone. I hope your getting better as well I hope one day maybe we can share stories and give each other some advice &amp;&amp; if you ever need a listening ear I'm here for ya =)

I almost became agoraphobic myself.....with time, medication, and therapy it does get better. The fear of having another panic attack is what sets it all up again. the more you fear....that's what it feeds off of. You're lucky to have friends and family who are supportive...if they can accompany you out for awhile, just so you get used to being away from home it will help. Many baby steps my dear.....but you'll do it!!

Thank you very much for the inspiration. I'm glad you have gotten better it is pretty scary but def, I think baby steps is the right direction in getting better. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

Fear intraps our minds and imprisions our bodies, facing our fears and over coming them sets us free.<br />
<br />
So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Taylor Swift --Fearless<br />
<br />
Be strong and believe in yourself. and most importantly live fearless :)

I reallly really appreciate that a lot hun! Thank you. Your totally right I fear a lot, especially of having a panic attack and it scares me everyday but I see myself getting better, having this kind of support is what helps me get through that. I really appreciate the input that means a lot to me =)

hiya i understand this i also havent left my house for about a year now.

I'm really sorry to hear you are going through the same thing as me. It is pretty devestating but I know with time we can &amp;&amp; will get better. Think we need to see ppl who can relate &amp;&amp; if you ever need support or anything from someone who knows whats your going through. I'm right here with you =)