Fighting Agoraphobia & Anxiety

I purchased the attacking anxiety and depression program by the midwest center and I have learn't alot of copeing skills to cope with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. It took me about 8 months to get what they were talking about in this program. My severe panic attacks stopped by the time I was through session 2. After 3 years of being agoraphobic and being in sheer panic when I had to go out or even the thought that I needed to go out I would get very sick. I can now go out a little more each month without panicking. I now want to go out more and more as long as I can comfortably do so. I do not even keep my meds in my jeans pocket now, I used to take them everywhere I went what little times I did go out. Panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder is why I became agoraphobic and the program did not work for me overnight however everytime I use the selftalk and go out it gets slowly easier and easier each time. I still rather go out and do things with someone else and I am trying to do things by myself because I live alone. My anxiety is still A everyday battle and I am searching for A way to ease that.
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Hey I wrote a rather log response to you're other agoraphic story. I think you're progress is AWESOME. I know you can overcome this and I know it seems hard but seriously man you totally can. Just the fact you're better now than you were before is encouraging. You can do it man you really can. Good Luck. Life's too short to worry or stress about anything cause really when you do that takes time away from things you wanna do or accomplish and how to figure out how to accomplish them. Always remember to smile no matter what. Good Luck man! :)

Hi Woody. I purchased the program too over a year ago and have only listened to a couple of CD's. I think I fear that it won't work so if I do not put all my hope into it I will not be disappointed. I am new to this site and came across your story, which is truly inspiring to myself and many others. It is nice to hear success stories so a little bit of hope can creep into my soul. My wish is for everyone to be cured of this debilitating disorder. Living it is pure hell. Again, I thank you for sharing and offering your hope to others. :)

Thank you, and I too wish everyone be cured of this disorder. I am far from being fully recovered and am still agoraphobic, the things I learnt in the program has helped, the anxiety and panic still comes back and I allways have A hope to fully recover and have A great story like some of the people in the program. I hope this site helps you, talking to people here lets me know I am not alone liveing with this hell and that is A big help.

Hi Woody. I have to agree with you that there is comfort in others' stories. It lets us know that we are not alone, as panic/agoraphobia is an isolating disorder. I, like so many others, suffer in silence, and this site offers hope to myself and many others that we can recover, or at the very least with one anothers support and encouragement, get better. :)

Hi, Woody. When I lived with my parents, they ordered that program for me. It was exactly $478 (the package they got). I never listened to any of the DVDs or anything, so it obviously didn't work for me. I saw a counselor who told me to do the self-talk. I tried it several times, but as soon as I started and something broke into my world (like the cars passing me on the streets), it all just went to hell, and the panic attacks came right back. The best part of self-talk for me has been that moment in the beginning when it seems it will actually work... when it's working. Then the noise of the real world breaks in and enters, and it's like I've been mugged by six criminals: the panic just takes over as if my life is in danger or something. I'm glad that program is working for you though, and I hope you keep getting better.

thank you & I hope you get better too


Good for you. You must be very proud of yourself. Keep believing in yourself and never give up. I wish you the best and I hope it all works out for you. :)