Omg This Is So Ironic I Randomly Found This Group! Share Your Thoughts/experiences!

I'm doing a project on Agoraphobia in psychology right now because my sister has it mildly, and I've only found so much information. I would be SO happy if anyone just wants to comment and say like when it started, how long it has been/ still is going on, how if effected relationships with others, treatments, symptoms. Just anything and everything! I just want to learn more, and be there for others. You can also private message me if you feel uncomfortable. :)
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I've been agoraphobic since I had a gun pulled on me at age 4...sometimes I have it under more control than others. The only way I know to get over it is to force myself into social situations, over and over and over. This is very unpleasant, but it works. Oh, and if I isolate for a period of time, it comes back.

My Agoraphobia started about 3 and a half years ago. It may not seem like a long time for some, but being diagnosed with this disorder it feels like those 3 years has been a lifetime. It definitely impacts on relationships. I have no friends, and barely get any social interaction because of this disorder amongst other things I suffer with. I rarely leave my house unless I really need to, and I literally feel physically sick when I leave the house. I have improved, however; I can now get out of the house a little more easily. Large/busy places still freak me out though, and I try to avoid them as much as possible. There's medications to help with the disorder, but I refuse to take them; I want to cure myself in a natural way. I want to make my parents and myself proud that I can beat this disorder on my own without medication. A few symptoms I have are panic attacks, some extreme some only small, when you even think about leaving the house - for me I get more anxious when I need to go to a busy place, such as the Mall. The same effects as Anxiety, as well, which I also have - such as heavy/difficulty breathing, sweaty palms or just sweating all over, an increased heart-rate - it feels like your heart is going to fly out of your chest, nausea as well - like your stomach tightens or curdles. Agoraphobia definitely weighs on your confidence, a lot. It stops you from doing so many things, and just living life to the fullest.