My Life With Agoraphonia

Well i'm a 25 year old female who has suffered with Panic attacks for the past  6 years. 


Like with many other people i started to avoid different situations incase i took a panic attack.  I avoided so many things that eventually i never left the house at all.  My home became my safe place and the only place i could truely relax.




It's taken me a while to come to terms with this life.  I am a confident girl and have lots of friends. I love partying and have never felt uncomfortable in crowds. so this just hit me out of the blue.




Now that i'm older i have learned a lot about myself.  I think this was something that was bound to happen to me at some time in my life.  It's been tough.  I havent been out of my home town in years.  I miss all family events like birthdays or weddings etc.  I can't do my own shopping, that includes for clothes (im so greatful for the internet) lol. My long term relationship broke up.  My boyfriend was so patient but there was only so much he could put up with and i admit that u never made the effort i should have.  I moved back home to live with my parents which in itself can be a nightmare but all in all i think life is good.


Yeah im missing out on a lot!! But i stay positve.  I dont let this get me down.  I know ive had it for a long time but i really wont let it be permanant.  I see myself having a future.  I have healthy parents who i love and 3 beautiful nephews who give me so much happiness. Things could be worse.. i could have an incurable disease.. i could be an orphan... homeless... So many other things but i am healthy, safe and loved.




I've never wrote about this online. and i probably don't even talk about it much.  but its here if anyone wants to read it and hopefully people can see they are not alone.  I admit the panic attacks still scare the crap out of me but i get on with things and i cope.  I can get out of the house more now. Its still not that often but thats mostly due to the winter weather... i don't have the fear of going outside.  For me its the distance i can go from my house that causes me anxiety... but again ill work on it.




Anyway, thats my story. Feel free to get in touch



My full story including how agoraphobia affects everything in your life, medication, relationships etc is in my new online blog. i cant right the address correctly as it wont show so i hope u can work this out lol

www dot livingwithagoraphobia dot blogspot dot com

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Agoraphobia is not just fear of wide open spaces, it's really the fear of everything. I used to get chronic panic attacks and after a while it got to the point that I was just afraid of having another attack. The fear of fear would provoke really intense attacks. bit by bit I painted myself into a corner, I did everything I could to avoid being in a situation that provoked panic. So of course I created a cocoon of safety for myself. So it wasn't that I was really afraid of open spaces, it was that I was afraid of leaving my comfort zone, the little corner of the world that I new I'd be safe in. Eventually I did overcome it, but it took a lot of effort and determination. I put together some of the techniques I used in this video:

Check it out. There's years of experience packed into it. Best of luck!

Leaving the house is overrated. :)
I have no food. The bright side? I will be wearing my size 3 skinny jeans by the time I do go out there. I have Internet access, netflix, crunkyroll, music and there may be a zombie apocalypse out there! My fiancee used my agoro as one of the excuses. Funny thing is I only felt safe leaving the house with him. Naw, wasn't that. I think I'm okay alone as long as that may be.

I am A 37 year old male who has suffered from panic attacks since I was 18 . My trigger was A crowd of people I did not care how bad I felt alone by myself because no one could see me that way. I have avoidence behavior if it causes panic/anxiety I avoid it If I am afraid i avoid so now my safeplace has got smaller and and now agoraphobia. I have lost 1 marrage and 2 girlfriends because of this they all wanted to go out and run around all the time. I am so lonely however I have given up all hope of ever finding anyone who will ever want me untill I get over this. I am very impressed with your positive thoughts I wish I was more positive. I hope you get better need someone to talk to you are welcome to message me..

I am a man, 32, i'm an asian and i can relate tou 15 years ago, i also working on it.. until now, I'm from third world country.. first depression attacks me, and then panic attacks came.. anyways i hope your ok now keep it up..!! :))

Good luck to you!

Aww nobodies commented yet? Well I will be the first. Sorry to hear you don't like to go out and do things. But theres plenty to do inside. Like read a book or watch tv, write a story. Ect... I hope you find something to keep you busy and happy. ;) Too bad you had to go through some downs though.