Just Dont Understand Why!!

Hi, i started off having a panic attack here and there nothing major an didnt bother me, i was a very sociable fun person i worked 5 days a week went out on a night out at least twice a month an use to do fun things daily with my son...them the panic attacks got worse.. I tried various ssri's they actually made me worse!! In the last few months i have developed agoraphobia. I dont leave the house i rely complete on everyone else to do everything else for me! Im scared to be alone i even get scared to shower some times!! I laugh at myself sometimes thinking this is so pathetic why am i scared to leave the house, although realistically it is far from a laughing matter!! I want my life back!!!!! My poor son is stuck in the house with me all day and my fiancee runs around after me because i just physically am petrified to leave the house!! Im sick of it and i want to be able to go back to how i use to be!! :( ive recently booked a hypnotherapy session.. My first sitting is on wednesday so fingers crossed!!! :/
Kayleigh1607 Kayleigh1607
22-25, F
Dec 13, 2012