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My name is Rhiannon, I'm 20 and have recently started having panic attacks and anxiety. I have not left my house for 7 months now. I also have epilepsy and depression which don't help. I have been put on medication but in my eyes it does not work for me. I also have a counselor but i don't find it helps me at all. I would just like to be able to speak to other people who also have this as well. Before this i was going on holiday a lot and was really social able having loads of friends, was always out, i hated staying in. The last day i was out was the day i came back off a really rough boat. Which i nearly had a fit on the boat and the medics wanted me to get off at the next stop to go to the hospital which was not my home. I was scared i wouldn't be able to get home with my mates. So i went against that and carried on home. Ever since that day i have been like the way i am now. I hope to be able to speak to some of you.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

As much as it sounds get over the fear of leaving your house you have to do it..little by little. The more you keep yourself at home the more the agoraphobia wins. Your stronger thank you think. I have it to. I keep forgetting I'm strong, because it's so weak to have this! lol. I force myself to go out. When I feel anxious or panic I don't run home often. I know how you feel. Believe me! Positive thinking, yoga, meditation, support, and baby steps. I don't know if I"m telling you or me? lol