Im not attention seeking at all I'm really struggling i don't usually come on here unless I'm really bad because i get too emotional when i do come on but its all to much this time, i need someone to give me advice Ive just found out my grandad has lung cancer i saw it coming after all he does drink loads and smoke but its difficult plus my other grandads just out of hospital hes been put in a coma a few times and had nuemphonia atleast five times safe to say hes a strong man,But hes struggling again and because hes struggling my gran is getting angry and upset leading my dad to be moody which no surprise is causing family arguments according to my mum its all my fault though :D THANKS MUM ,this is proberbly not even making sense sorry:( but on top of all that im currently sick its not majorly sick but it sucks ,im getting bullied at school whilst being accused of bullying , im failing alot of my end of unit tests and i have exams this year!!! Uahh kill me now :)
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I really do hope your grandad pulls through his fight through cancer, nothing cant beat family and love. Stay though and you will pull through. Once you've gone through one bad situation you will be better at coping at the next situation. Honestly never give up and stay strong 💪