Asthma Or Abpa?

I've had asthma for ~40 years and have yet to find someone who can help me 'kick' it.

I think I've now found someone who's helped diagnose a chronic case of ABpA and the more I read about the symptoms and 'behaviour' of the disease, the more I think this may be the major, if not exclusive, culprit behind my breathing problems.

I've come across a doctor who might just be able to get me to 'the other side' without steroids, and I'm guessing that will be through a course of desensitization as my limited knowledge tells me that the fungus is very difficult to get rid of, and it's more a case of how we respond to it that is important.

Seeing the doc this week and will post back with my learnings.

Wishing good health to all


Update: 6 Nov, 2009

Results from chest sputum show chronic aspergillus, pneumonia (!) and candida, so the doc was right!  I told the doc I felt all the discomfort was in my nose area, not my chest (remember this all stems from a breathing problem) so I went for a CT scan of the sinuses.

Pretty heavy congestion in the sinuses, which is what the doc suspected.  So I have all this mucus in my sinuses and am harbouring a range of bacteria and fungii which are exerting a constant allergic reaction which is playing havoc with the lungs too.

A course of antibiotics has killed off the streptococcus pneumonaeia and I've been given an antifungal to kill the aspergillus.  In parallel I'm going through a desensitization exercise so that I don't generate the mucuous as part of the allergic response.  The mucuous provides the breeding ground for bacteria and fungii and it all goes round and round. 

Still with me?

I'm pretty excited at the prognosis and have already killed off some of my nasal beasties with colloidal silver (preferable to the antifungal).  Breathing has already picked up as a result.  Just started on the desensitisation program which has me doing sublingual drops twice a day for months - great fun, not!

I'm going to kick this asthma, dammit!

Will report more as I go

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Hi! I am suffering from ABPA Asthma since 17 years. I can't cope with. I usually use the Prednisolone 8mg and Itraconazole 200mg a day. I am really fed up from doctor advice by keep taking Prednisolone for more than four months... Because of the gaining wight and my body Water aeration. I decided to stop taking Prednisolone for 21 days. And I found a real bad side effects; which are*Fever*Muscle and joint pain*Hard breathing I decied to return back Prednisolone 5mg. With out return back to the doctor advice.... After that when I had menstrual cycle the pain over the my kidney increased. And increase the dose of Prednisolone 8mg. With out return back to the doctor advice. As well as, start taking vitamin supplements. Which are vitamin D,C with Zinc, B complex and mineral Maginsum. My dite eat less as possible, drink plenty of water. Two meal a day because of Prednisolone.

Please keep us updated on your progress. I, too, have been diagnosed with ABPA--being an asthmatic that continued getting sick every other month and put on steroids...ughhh...side effects city ! Apparently, my old doc was not aware of testing for ABPA and totally missed it...I went to a new, younger doc that suspected it and he confirmed it with tests. Hope you are feeling better. I am feeling so much better with the Itraconazale and have not experienced my usual sicknesses ! I breathe better and am looking forward to feeling even better soon !

Hi; asthma girl :-) I will explain something very important. In the past I was experiencing a bad symptoms from Itraconazole, I was taking high dose 400mg. After one year of taking it. that medicine! I had a bad skin rush... I stopped for two years

And most important things to all Asthma ABPA. There are two important organs in side our bodies! Which are the bladder and Kidney. Keep drinking allots of water. Eat lattice. Speacially when you are on perdnisolone tablets? And when take Itraconazole tablets drink orange Juice or coke.

APBAman,<br />
<br />
Wow! I am reading your story and I feel like I am closer than ever to knowing what is really wrong with me! I just had a CT scan this evening. Have had asthma for over 40 years and have struggled with chronic sinus issues and debilitating asthmas for the last 2 years. I truly believe APBA is the culprit. <br />
<br />
Could you please update your progress? I have been on so many courses of steroids throughout my life and I cannot resign myself to long-term use!!! I would love to hear more about your desensitization treatment. <br />
<br />

Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm curious about a couple of things...<br />
Is the colloidal silver ingested as a tablet/pill - or another method? Are you going to take this on an ongoing basis?<br />
I have never heard of densensitisation via sublingual! Doesn't seem like you enjoy it, though. I'd much rather do drops at home than make the weekly or monthly trip to the Dr.s' office to get shots.<br />
I was diagnosed with APpA many years ago now, but I've not kept up with treatments, unfortunately, and my health has suffered for it. I'm determined not to stay on corticosteroids, though, as one dr. believes may be necessary for life.<br />
I did take Xolair for some time, but wasn't sure if it was actually helping - or if it was just the prednisone staving off my symptoms.<br />
In retrospect, I believe Xolair was having a positive effect.<br />
I shall follow up with my allergist regarding getting back on Xolair, but I wish I could find a dr. that has good experience and flexibility with ABPA treatment.<br />
Maybe I'll pop back in down the road to update my progress.