My Over-reacting Body

Ever since i was a child I've always had allergies. Back then I would go to school and I'd look like I was crying for hours with mucus dripping down my nose and my eyes getting red and watery.
I started taking anti-allergy med only 8 years ago. But even then, I still get tired of it. I can't clean up easily around my place because I'd get allergy attacks. I need to stay low profile during wet and seasons because my nose goes hyper. In the mornings I get my usual allergy attack and they would most likely subside by noon.
Sometimes I get really tired and angry. It's just dust and changing weather! It's not like it's tuberculosis. I'm getting tired of my body's hypersensitivity. How can I will my body to stop it? Why do I have to feel like I need to scratch my nose off until it bleeds! And the runny nose, god! I hate the runny nose and the red eyes and the swollen-looking face! It's frustrating and embarrassing to see that other people have no problems with dust and weather changes whatsoever.
Every time cold season comes I need to be prepared with anti-allergy meds like benadryl and claritin. It can go for days!
Tabitha85 Tabitha85
1 Response Jul 22, 2010