If I Were a Dwarf, I'd Be Sneezy and Itchy

Since I was a teen or so, I have had a nasal allergy. I haven't gone to the doctor about it, but I've deduced that it seems to flare up when ragweed pollen is high.  I've gotten so bad, that I look like I've been sobbing.

I also have accumulated one food allergy. I just noticed this one within the past couple years.  An allergic reaction to shrimp.   I can eat some, but if I eat too much, my neck will start to itch.  If I eat much more than that, the itching will creep over the rest of my skin.

I know this is minor compared to some allergies I've heard of.  However, they are allergies, just the same.
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

Sneezy and itchy, sounds like me. Always sneezing, rubbing my eyes...have to keep the medicine cabinet stocked with antihistamines. I should buy stock in Kleenex

I've got "seasonal allergies"--they flare up in the spring and in the autumn. I hate it! lol I'd hate even more to be allergic to shrimp, as it's occasionally one of my favorite foods... I feel for you there. :P