Latex, Dust, And 2 Unknown

I'm allergic to dust, latex, a mystery allergy, and I have a mystery intolerance. Multiple theories have flown by without total proof.

Dust--I sneeze when there's dust. If I get it in my throat I make a horrible coughing sound that is comparable to a smoker. Or like when someone has something stuck in their throat and they make that heavy, disturbing cough. Plus my eyes water up and get really itchy. And my nose runs, gets stuffy, my face gets red, my eyes get swollen, I get's not pretty. My allergy (aside from the coughing part) are the type where I'm fine until something triggers it, then all hell breaks loose. All my symptoms come all at once. In fact, some people don't believe I'm allergic until they hear me cough, or (most often), they see it get set off without warning. I just got a special medication for it, actually. And of course right after I got it, I didn't get an attack. I suppose it's worse after winter.

Latex--It started out when I was an infant, and it was only with band-aids after a few days. No inhalation, just band-aids. Now, I react almost instantly after touching anything with the smallest amount, and I might get sick from inhaling particles if I'm not at least 10 feet away. I'm extremely sensitive to it. People never believe the 10-feet thing until they ignore it and watch me suffer afterwards. It's annoying. I've gotten burning, itching rashes for years but I only recently connected it to latex. It was a theory until 2 years ago when I reacted to some goggles in Chemistry after 10 minutes and I got the rash all around my eyes. I was the first student to ever react to the goggles, despite there having been other students with the allergy in the past. It made me famous with the science teachers, and I had to order special goggles, which I still have. The rashes usually last 24 hours, but ice can make the itching go away. Not the burning...isn't that weird?

I found out a few months later that I could also get sick from inhaling the particles. I was in my drawing class when the girl next to me suddenly decided she hated her sketch, and used a pink rubber eraser to erase the entire 18 by 24 sketch. The smell was overpowering so I walked away, which didn't do any good, so I just came back and dealt with it. At the end of class, I was dizzy, nauseous, spacey, and semi-conscious. Even five feet away doesn't do any good. It has to be at least 10. The length of time I'll feel sick has gotten worse. That time it was half an hour. I got an inhalation reaction this semester in college and it lasted several hours. It nearly made me faint. It might the next time.

People never believe the 10-feet thing. My painting teacher in high school was actually the one who started that. I can't gesso my own canvases because it doesn't say if there's latex in it or not. So my teacher had to do it for me, and she made me sit ten feet away just in case. This semester, I told a few of my teachers, and my friends about the allergy. I urged them not to use a pink rubber eraser around me. Some of them got the message without problem, and a few others thought just a foot away was safe. I sat across from a friend in science class who didn't believe the ten feet thing, and she left her eraser sitting on the table between us. I had a reaction that lasted five hours from it just sitting there. Now they take it seriously.

Latex is toxic to me. And it's a pain in the ***. It's in a lot of things. I can't use rubber bands. I have to ask people to take it off for me. It's pathetic. I love silicone products. Thank God it's becoming more popular. I don't go into anaphylactic shock, but I won't be surprised if I do. I've never fainted, but I think I might next time, or the time after that from just sitting near a tiny pink eraser.

Mystery allergy/intolerance--I'll get crippling stomach aches from various things. An odd mix. Eggs, chocolate, some chips, some cake brands, some popcorn brands, cookies, and a lot of dairy. Sometimes I'll get it in 10 seconds (chocolate will do that to me), but other times it takes a little bit (eggs and dairy). I don't know what it is. I can't do Pillsbury, but Betty Crocker is fine. I can't have Doritos in any form, or unbaked Ruffles. Baked Ruffles are okay. Nestle chocolate will have me bent over within 10 seconds of taking a bite (I found that out the hard way and terrified the first year cooking teacher). Hershey's I'm perfectly fine with in small amounts. I can't do a whole chocolate bar. Which may go with the dairy thing. I can't do Orville or Act 2 popcorn, but Pop Secret is okay. Jolly popcorn is the worst. It's a weird mix of things and we can't figure it out. I'll eventually put together enough of a list of rules for it to go to the doctor.

And, aside from all of this, I have a skin condition known as dermatographia, which can seem like an allergic reaction. Skin produces too much histamine, so the lightest scratch or pressure put on my skin will turn it red wherever it happened.

This body sure is a sensitive little thing...
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Jan 11, 2013