My Girlfriend's Great Uncle

H e died. She wanted so desperately to say goodbye. He had a second chance that wasn't, if you see what I mean. He was dead for a good amount of time, then his heart started again. He was never the same, but when he died again a few years later, Georgie wanted nothing more than to say goodbye. One night, we were out and it was crisp, and she said how perfect it would be if she could have one last dance. I felt like I was taken over by him, and we danced. Not really, but some crazy dance like 3yr olds (I don't do any other kind!). In the road, on the pavement. Together. I felt really changed, and moved, and scared sh**less. I've been scared of her great aunt entering me like that ever since (she died after). Along with others in my family. Scary. It was lovely at the time, but how do you prevent that sort of thing? :/ I don't want to be lost again like I felt after that.

cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
Feb 12, 2009