When Pressure Gets To Your Head

ok, well i was pretty darn horrid to one of my friends. You see, to fully understand the situation, u have to understand our relationship. She is very un sure of herself, and puts me down to make herself feel better. Sometimes she will call me fat, pregnant, stupid - stuff like that. Dont worry, i know what your thinking... 'that's terrible', but it really isnt so bad. Anyways, it was near exam time, about a year, year and a half ago that she said i was stupid. Because i am a very stressed out person, i cracked. I told her i was better than her, and she only wishes she was as great as me. My best friend was standing by, and i could tell she wanted to burst out laughing. I felt terrible, and my friend looked so shocked. Later, i apologised and still find myself apologising to this day, long after she has forgotten. What she used to say to me, what she still says to me hurts, but not nearly as much as when i hurt her.
fiyara fiyara
18-21, F
May 24, 2012