Nearly Passing Out (Story 21)

I was at the dr's office all morning. I hadn't eaten since the previous night and even then it was only a worthless bowl of ramen noodles. They drew 2 vials of my blood and it all went downhill from there. My stomach felt queezy, I became so weak that I felt like I couldn't stand up. I sat on the floor while checking out of the office. The room was nearly spinning, I kept shaking my head forcibly to stay conscious. I was in alot of pain but I didn't know where, I wished I'd hurry and pass out already so the pain would stop. The receptionist alerted a nurse who came. They put a stick of something horrible in front of my nose to sniff, i think it said ammonia. It kept me from passing out. By the time they brought out a wheelchair I was losing my eyesight. I thought I was going blind. I told the nurse I couldn't see. Everything looked wavy and spotty. When I said I couldn't see. I know I said it but I thought I was deaf because I could barely hear my own voice. I was wheeled into an exam room. They couldn't get a reading on my blood pressure since it was so low. My blood sugar was 81. They kept giving me juice and crackers. Then they gave me coke, I hate soda but I wanted the sickness to go away. My hands and body wouldnt stop shaking. I regained my vision after drinking that disgusting cola. I am still shaking and a little weak, I guess I should eat, but I don't want to. My husband always made sure I ate, I hate eating. I told him what happened. He asked if he'd have to come down here and kill me for not eating. I said, "yes, I think you do". Lol
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That's scary. I've been there many times with low blood sugar, although only twice have I needed medical attention. 81 is at the low end of the normal range for most people but not when combined with low blood pressure. I'm glad you're OK now. It's a tough way to learn a lesson. I hope that doesn't happen to you again.

I didn't know what 81 means but they tested my sugar after giving me crackers, juice, and that soda. When they tested my sugar I had regained my sight. I wonder how low it was when I was going blind and deaf, like dying. Wow. It was interesting, my body shutting down is a new experience.

Yes, Sir. i'm sure you won't allow me to do that again. (although i did want to pass out) :x