My Alopecia

I am a 17 year old boy. Ive had alopecia since I was 6. It has affected my life in both good and bad ways. The good thing is, I can understand other peoples feelings better. The bad thing is I restrict my self too much. I dont do things such as getting a job, go to parties, events and I even dont like to meet up with my family. I keep my problems to myself and I feel very alone. Many years of alopecia have made me depressed and suicidal. When my dad snaps and yells at me for being a lazy bastard with no job that never socializes with anyone, it makes me want to end it all. It has been tough for me when people find out about my condition. I feel embarrased and Id rather lie face down in a coffin. All my life I have spent waiting for my patches to heal. Nobody understands how I feel and when I think about the next time I get patches. I might decide just to end my life.
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I also am dealing with Alopecia Areta and I'm learning that people with judge you no matter what ! Love yourself and know yourself ! Hair doesn't make you beautiful you make yourself beautiful ! Somebody out there is worse than you , and just remember God doesn't put us through More than we can bear ! Just LOVE WHO YOU ARE because despite all your problems somebody out there is wanting to be just like you ☺️

I wrote to this page in search of help when I was going through a bad time with my alopecia areata as well, and I know that the most frustrating thing is for people who don't have the disease telling you to 'stay positive' and that 'it's only on the outside, you're not really sick'... But please be comforted by the fact that SO many people are out there struggling with this disease just like you. I get through each day focussing on just living life, and with the hope that one day, the way science is going, a cure will be found. Try and find the happiness in the small things (a good song, travel, being alone and writing helped my state of mind more than I can say).
Live in hope and with happiness in your heart and you will get there, I promise you.
If your family are not understanding of such a massive impact in your life, you have to make them understand (stand up for yourself!) or even just cut their negativity out of your life until you feel strong enough to try with them again. Find people who ARE supportive, and more importantly who make you happy.
I don't want to tell you that you're lucky at all, but I am a female and baldness is seen as 'unnatural' and 'disgusting' for us -- in some ways you are more fortunate than others, man, just keep that in mind.
Keep plodding.

Hey, alopecia is not worth ending your life over, I use to have to stand in the middle of my class room and tell kids about it and that it's not contagious. I have had thoughts about ending my life, I hate being this way I just wish I could be normal, go on with my life, my worst fear being what I was going to wear to school the next day instead of worrying if my hair is to thin. Everything will be fine. U just have to go out there and not care what others are thinking of you. Someone will love you for you and u have to find them.

im a teen with alopecia too, and i know its rough and you dont feel confident enough to talk to others and it makes you want to withdraw from everything. but trust me, i found that just getting out there and doing it will make you feel a lot better. dont let this stupid disease control your life on the inside too. stay strong, and enjoy your life.
please feel free to message me if you want to talk more about it

Hi, I absolutely understand your feeling, but your main mistake is that you're too much focusing on the problem, it's the way to nowhere. You have to start thinking about solving the problem, search for more information about this disease and it's very important to be positive about your recovery! I know it's hard but there's no other way. You have to explain to your dad your feelings, that you can't accept your state and want to recover your hair. After all, you need support at this time.<br />
Here's some links that might help you:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
To change something you have to DO Something.<br />