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I Had Alopecia Areata For 6 Years From Teenager To Young Adult

My doctor told me it was because of stress or trauma . Although I didn't loose a lot of hair at once they varied in sizes small to huge. What upset me most was they would appear in a not so hidden place. Hairline, bang, top of the head.when the wind blew or it rained I was in holy terror trying to conceal them.It became an on going preoccupation of self conscious behavior. It was an awful thing to experience. However at the age of 22 they disappeared. I't still doesn't make any sense to me as to why they came in the first place. Maybe it was alchemical or hormone embalance or something.. .Thank God Everything is all good now.
Christina33s Christina33s 41-45, F 6 Responses Jun 9, 2012

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Ya Christina, I am a doc., practicing in India..there are so many scholarly articles on Alopecia areata, and different types of alopecia and so forth...still no definite cause known, though autoimmune is one of them. But true it affects people's lives like u described. But good that u got over it and i am so glad that u are doing fine. God bless and be with u always. Have a good heart and mind...and forget the rest.. wish i can chat with you sometime. You seem a very nice lady. Thank you.

hmmm.. got some company... I got it when I was 18 I guess.. and patchy baldness appearing all over... but got cured with some spot medication.

thanks for sharing.

I know someone who has Alopecia and it is very difficult to deal with and heartbreaking to go through. There are somethings that we aquire later in lif - I have a hypo-active thyroid and cystic acne that didnt show up until I was about 46 and I never had acne as a child.Allergies can be acquired along our journey, too Other things we grow out of - maybe you just gre out of this 0 just a thought. I'm happy that it did god ways. yes Thank you, God!

I'm sorry you experienced this. It might have had to do with chemical exposure when you were young. I'd be curious to see if anything has turned up in your old neighborhood. Did it stop at the same time that you moved to a different location by chance?<br />
<br />
I'm glad it no longer affects you either way. :)

This story brings hope of remission for current sufferers. Thanks