So many things have been taken from me. There's nothing left but an empty shell, and a black empty hole where my consciousness used to be. I drift through the world like a floating pile of crap with pinworms desperately clinging on to fleeting life. A parasite that can no longer attach to a host. I am the lowest of the low, a miserable pile of nothing and no one can bring me back from the precipice of the abyss.

Eat me alive. Use me. Beat me. Batter me. I no longer care. I'm not suicidal but I lack the strength to continue.

Most days I can't even crack a smile.

I'd swim to safety but I just keep drifting further, and further, and further...

My friends are dead or used up, and the ones who notice me close enough to recognize my descent are my worst enemies, but they use it to exploit and destroy. It sickens me, but I crave that. They can at least find it within themselves to notice a drowned man even if it serves to bring me down.

Some say redemption comes at the lowest point in a man's life. Maybe this is my new beginning? Maybe... this is my salvation?
TheMonsterYouHate TheMonsterYouHate
Dec 4, 2012