I Can't Stop Trusting People, Even Though They Betray Me.

I have been hurt more than once, and forgotten, betrayed, ignored, pushed out, pushed away, and turned on. But still, I go for people. All people who show me one speck offriendship or love, because I want to reach out and hug them, and explore the world and the human mind with them. I want them to be as fascinated with me as I am with them. But usually they are not. That makes me start to wonder what is wrong with me? Am I acting wrong? What should I be doing differently? And maybe the questions are all in vain. That I do not know.


What I do know is that I love love. I love to give it. I love to receive it. I thrive on it. When I have the rare occasion of being invited somewhere with a group of friends, I am happy and free-feeling all day. I never feel hungry for food, because I have all the soul food I need. But when I'm home alone, and want contact, want to give, I am always hungry for food, and nothing I eat satisfies me.


Go ahead, love me. I will never betray you. I have to much love in me.

LonelySoul LonelySoul
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2007