Sure Do....

I have a lot of moles in my yard this year.  I am quite certain that one mole couldn't have done the tunneling that has been done in my side yard.  My poor little dachshund is going crazy trying to get to them.  I usually have Terminex come out so I don't have these little rodents in the yard, but this year the moles seem to have hit my lawn earlier in the year.  Oh well I hope my dog doesn't find it before the pest control person does because he will surely bring the nasty creature in my house.

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10 Responses Mar 28, 2009

lilycue, I heard that if catch even one and make it eat its own toes the rest skedaddle!...DEW

Well, not if he sang me a song :)

You would'nt hurt Alvin would you?

No moles here, but the chipmunks are going to get it if they keep digging up my potted plants! :)



Funny, but disgusting at the same time. I am so glad I don't have that kind of mole.

Sure dew, come on over.<br />
<br />
Yes, the noise makers don't work.

Can I come over and help? <br />
I could research and do whatever Terminex is doing. I have a natural enthusiasm for killing things. I would play nice with you…DD