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ok i was raised to beleive in god, but the more i think about it, the more i have unanswered questions,

i read the bible and went as far as asked the church but they couldnt answer thm for me

1. if adam and eve were made out of clay and they had only two sons... where did everyone else come from?

2. not to be racist but where did blacks, chinese, mexicans, all these other raises come from?

3. why are there diseases if god made adam and eve pure?

4. why are we seeing ghosts? hearing about spirits? when the bible clearly states, we die and either go to hell or heaven

5.what happened to jesus during his teenage years? the bible just seems to skip over that

6. why are there signs of evolution?


if anyone can answer these questions, id be appreciateful

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I'll try to answer these the way I understand them:

1. The sons had sex with Eve to have more babies??? I really don't know.

2. People gradually dispersed throughout the world and their bodies evolved to survive their new environments and they started their own traditions, thus we have people in different areas of the world that look different and have their own customs. Someone who is knowledgeable about the Bible told me once something along the lines of this: God created Adam and Eve, but said they were the first generation and that humans would change (evolve). Not in those exact words but that's what I got out of it. I don't know where in the Bible it says this, but supposedly it does somewhere (if you find it let me know because I've never seen something like that I had no clue it was in there until I was told). So in a way, the Bible goes with evolution in the form that there were the first humans and they evolved into what we are today.

3. God DID make Adam and Eve pure, and he never planned for this world to end up the way it is. When the Devil tricked Adam and Eve from eating from the forbidden fruit, he basically messed up God's creation and messed up everything for us. Then the Devil brought disease and problems to us and to this world.

4. Yes, we die and go to heaven or hell (not right away. Heaven or Hell is for when Jesus comes back). What you see as ghosts and spirits are really demons. An example: That ghost you saw of your grandma? Nope. That was a demon pretending to be your grandma to trick you. Spirits you see are either good spirits or evil spirits, but they aren't really people spirits.

5. All I know about Jesus before he was baptized is that he grew up as a normal boy and did not know that he was the son of God until the day he was baptized. He did however study the word of God a lot and had GREAT knowledge of the word of God. Besides that, he grew up normally like any other boy his age because God didn't want us to say later on that Jesus had had special treatment. He wanted us to see that Jesus was just like everyone else and that if he could do great things, then so could we. This is what I have been taught.

6. I've heard that A lot of things in the Bible and Science go hand in hand. You just have to pay very close attention to what the Bible says and not take everything in the Bible so literally. I still don't know how to do this. I read the Bible and literally get nothing out of it other than the literal words that I have just read. I have a LOOONG way to go to understanding what the Bible actually says.


there is a story about some African slaves that were lost at sea and eventually came to rest in South America...adopted by the local indiginous people. These "African Diaspora" were being taught Christianity at the time and later when a statue of Christ washed upon the same shore and he was dark...the natives saw it as a sign and began their own form of christianity along with their new guests.

thanks everyone:)

what an awesome set of questions, i hope this helps, i have been studying and reading for about 10 years, this is what i have learned, Adam and Eve had sons and daughters after Cain and Abel, Genesis 5 v 4. The sons of Noah, Ham, Shem and Japheth, Genesis 10, remember after the flood these were the only people left, 8 people in all,there are many hebrew texts that point to who had dark skin, etc, Genesis 6, When Adam and Eve were in the garden creation was in process, when sin came in through disobedience it 'created' and continues to do so today, just look around you, sin is active in the human race. The devil was cast down from Heaven, isaiah 14 with 1/3 of the angels who rebelled with him, evil spirits mentioned many times 1 samuel 18 v10 is one account, the new testament has stories of people possessed by devils, these can manifest as ghosts, sickness is satan's tool to destroy God's creation,the wages of sin is death a law, only through repentance can we break this curse of death. The enemy, devil, has many tactics, deception being his main weapon as a decieved person has no idea they have been decieved, i would like to point you to jeremiah 29 v 11-14 to see how God thinks toward you and please read John chapter 1, all the best to you in Christ Jesus. andrew

Please don't form your opinions by what people say here. Everyone has their own interpretation of the bible. You have questions but you should continue on your journey to find the answer that suits you. If any of the answers here suit you, Great! Stop here and disregard the rest of what I have written. Yes, I'm an atheist but I would never presume to tell you what you should believe or why you should believe it. I have an answer according to my thoughts to debunk anything that was said above about the bible. If your church can't answer your questions, you should find another church. Good luck on your journey for the truth as you see it.<br />
All the best,<br />

yes but i have had my own scary encounters with spirits. i dont think she was evil, just a little girl. <br />
not only that but ive captured orbs in the graveyard and evps. *electrical voice phenomina* where some man told me to "go away" over and over...<br />
<br />
but i do appreciate your answers, there is a good argument with the darwins theory and the ghost thing but i guess every thing else you said could make sense... even the gross inbreeding part

there are no answers for these questions only "faith" or so the church wishes you to belive. The Bible is just one interpretation of events in the existance of man. The Tao teaches us that God lies within each of us and it is our own journey to discover that God. Tao literally means "the unnamed God" and it is your spirituality that will name YOUR god. From the moment of our birth we are all seperated by our desires,interests,race,economy and time it is ONLY in death that we become equals and the answers will be answered. Religion is such a hinderance to faith and spirituality. When my daughter was born it was in such a way that I heard God whisper..."believe".