M Sad

My eyes tear up wen m sad..i go sad coz nbdy around me get me.fl alone...its al so pointless..feel lik ending my life sometimes..bt dn i thnk,is it worth it?
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

My friend.............Life is a Series of Ups and Downs...............:)

We all have thoughts of suicide sometimes. For me, I just live for the people who love me unconditionally - my parents. I dont know what I will do once its time for them to leave this world, i hope to find the strength to continue. good luck and i hope you find strength in something/someone.

I guess we all go through that feeling of ending our life when all the things seems to be worthless and hopeless....but i guess its useless!!<br />
I mean we are around 20 year old or somehting...jst imagine what life have for us remaining part of our life!!<br />
Life is never the way u want it....can be but with lots of twist and turns ....ups and downs!!

We all have those moments, hon. We all do. Just remember that it is worse at night, it is worse when you are alone, it is worse at certain times of the month than others. But you ARE loved and you ARE a good person. It IS worth it!

I have been sad and at tha point, and it not worth even thinking about. Things do get better. I speak from experience. Hang in ther! {{HUG}}