I Cut Because Of Dylan Aune

he cheated on me with my best friend and now im plotting revenge

jonny3tears jonny3tears
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I respect the fact that Dylan made you sad ...but to blame HIM for YOU cutting yourself ?...THAT'S just COWARDLY !...you don't get REVENGE on someone by CUTTING n DEFORMING your own SKIN ....that's just STUPID n RETARDED !

Go GET'EM girl! ;]


hey could you give me some edvice about --------- my 2 best friends tell the guy i like him but i dont know who did it how do i tell

Sorry, not understanding u hun, cud u rephraze?

i told my 2 best friends who i liked and then they went andut i dont know who told him out of the 2

2 choices, ...either ask THEM, ...or ask HIM

im to amberast to ask him and i did one answered i didnt tell him and the other avoided the answer

Ya kno something honey, life is WAY too short, just tell the guy u LIKE him & get it OVER with ...please! I wanna see u HAPPY honey! ..will u do that fur me? €:-]

thank you im in a really stressed state of mind right now i jist feel used

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