A Tearful Smile – Family Short Story

As the story begins it all about a good relationship and where there’s a mother name Sophia, had a son after the separation and that child was only sparkling bright future for her and her financial support was not to survive a good life. Sophia named that boy Jasper. So when his child started to grow up and attending the school. Some years after his son become irritate with her because her blindness give him a shame in the front of society because she is a BLIND women.
Some days passes like a hell fire because day by day his son started to ignore her and by which she get hurt a lot and cry on each and every moment of inside pain but who can see her tears. Afterwards when his son able to stand on his own abilities, he decided to leave her mother alone and live his life like a free person. As he left home her mother stopped him and begged him for not to leave but who knows his heart was like a stone. So his son left home and started to live his own life just because he can’t show her mother in front of his friends and other peoples. Sophia started to live with her friend but nowadays many people even can’t afford their own expenditure so how can they handle a another women in their house after three to four months they told them to leave.
Sophia decided to find some job and she found it on a restaurant for playing a piano by her neighbor where else if we talk about his son, Jasper, he became the most popular business man in the world and dealings with millions of dollars, afterwards he also get married with a girl and living a happy life with his family and children. One day Sophia got to know about his son that he has become a most popular business man and living a happy life in London. When she got the address she decided to meet with him, she giving herself a thought that might his son has become a good one and accept him. But when she arrive at his house and her grandson opens the door he scream by watching her face and Jasper said to her mother that I don’t know you and how you dare to scared my child and he ordered to his guards that throw her out of the house. Sophia thought that is he was my child and murmured to herself,
“Oh! God please forgave my son for he not knows…”
After some days Jasper had a meeting in the north side of America, so he packed his stuff and catch plane for going. There at the end of the meeting when all his staff members leaved, He was returning to the parking lot where he saw that there’s a women, lying on the side of the car and when he checked her pulses. She was already died and that woman is not anyone else, she was her own mother when he recognized her. Meanwhile he saw a letter in her hand and he started to read her letter which was written for him. And the letter describes:
“Oh my son! I had never feel any bad for you when your father leave me I was like a crushed of something and afterwards when you born I am in a great hope that I will make you a great person one day but at that moment doctors told me that you had come in this world with blindness, me was in a great shocked that I can’t explain it to you. I have tried my best to consult the world’s famous eye doctor but anyhow it does not worked, so on that night I have make a big decision that I am going to give my sight to you. And thank to that God who is merciful and the most beneficent that you got your sight. I know that you are right now crying that you have cruel to me but don’t cry because all this is not your fault because you don’t know that why your mother is blind?
From Your
After all this he cried like an small baby and begging to her mother for coming back, his eye was bursting with tears that he got some mental problem because of that shocked. Afterwards he was carried to the psychiatric centre for the treatment but 7 years have passed, still he is not able to recover himself…
Sometimes we listen by our grandparents that ”- Never judge anyone….. Because U never knows how their life is & what they’re going through”
__END__i don't know it's a true story or not coz ayeasterday ma frnd told me this story and i just want to share this story to you people hope you like it ..
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Dec 5, 2012