Lost So Much

i have lost so much in the last couple of years,freinds ,family now dead and gone.i miss their voices and there companionship.my health isn`t what it was.and both of my brothers are addicted to drugs.what they have done to my family has effected every thing.i don`t know if i will ever really be happy again.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I have lost much too, but thankfully not to death. They are the people who I looked up to more than anything, and the memory of them can't ever be seen again...

Ditto on the family side, ghost. Mine, too. You're not alone there! A lot of us all over the world have lost our families, and it's not easy getting up each day, but props to you for doing it anyway and it's really good there's EP, where anyone can connect and know we're not alone.

A song should be played "Time marches on " by tracy lawrence.