I do not like the sadness I feel in my heart.  At my age I feel like I should not be feeling the way I am.  This past year has been a struggle for me to find who I truly am.  I stayed at home for a long time raising my family, then went back to work part time.  Then I quit my job and went back to collage for nine months got my degree then got a job in the medical field.  I struggle with teenagers on a daily basis with school work, my marriage isnt that great no matter what I do.  I am very lonely.  And the sadness comsumes me, lying heavily on my shoulders. 

I cannot shake the feelings I get of where I went wrong and just want to be happy, but it seems when I get happy something goes wrong and I end up being sad again.  I get so confused and upset and just do not know what to do anymore, I wish at times that life would give me a break so I am able to live the way I always thought I would.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Thank you and just reading your stories has inspired be grateful for what I have....:)

Keep your chin up cause what ever my happen will not be the worst. Take it from me I am alive. <br />
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And finding happiness in yourself is tough but can be accomplished....

I agree they can with a little nurturing and love.

Thank you for your kind words I appreciate them, and slowly I am learning to treat myself and do good things for just me.

I feel the same way. Try not to beat yourself up about where you are "supposed" to be in your life and accept what is (wish I could take my own advice on that). <br />
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It is difficult to stay positive when you have had a lot of negative experiences and little time to recover in between, I feel like a drowning person sometimes being hit by wave after wave of life. <br />
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Try to give yourself a break and do something to get out of your funk, see a friend, sometimes a change of pace can help. :)

Thank you I do too.