I sit back and watch everything, I notice every detail, I read your body language as if it were a never ending story of who you are, I open my mouth and ..., My thoughts run thru my head at what seems to be the speed of light, I regain my composure, I know now exactly what I want to share with you, I open my mouth and ..., the storm inside my head rages on, my heart grows heaver with conviction, the intended statement swirls around and around within the confines of my skull, bashing my brain with each passing cycle, begging to be uttered, yet still i open my mouth and ..., you look me blankly in the eyes, confused and confounded, unsure of my intentions, unaware of my situation, I open my mouth and ..., I look deep into your eyes, straight into your soul, I allow you a moments glance into mine, a single tear streams from my eye, the pain of who I am overtakes me, I tremble violently from the pressure of the words ready to erupt from my being, I open my mouth and ...
iambruceq iambruceq
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2012

oh I can relate to your post loud and clear, when I open my mouth nothing comes out, sometimes silence speaks volumes though.

agreed, i would be screwed if i wasn't so good with conveying myself thru body language and other means :x