I Was Trying So Hard Not To Cry, But Who Knew, That Remembering Even A Bittersweet Memory Could Be So Moving.

Today is Thursday, September 20, 2012, and the car crash that left me with amnesia, was April 6, 2001. Seems like a long time, but little things like, turning one way, when I want to walk another way, and then I end up walking into a wall, or leaving my purse in a grocery store isle, are little things that remind me that I'm still dealing with the residual affects of a bad head injury.  I probably won't be driving this month, again.  One of these days I'll be perfectly O.K., again, I know it, I just hope that it will be very soon.  I talked to my son Franco today, and I was trying, so very hard not to cry, because he, and his wife (Cecylia), and their puppy (Luna), moved (this month) to Oxnard.  They had been living only minutes away from where I live.  Today Franco called me, and I tried so hard not to get emotional, until I said " Give Cecylia a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, from me, and give Luna a hug from me, too.  And I'd tell you to hug yourself, but -"  and then I remembered what Franco would say to me, when he was in the pre-school years, whenever  I'd say "Franco, come over here, and give Mama a hug", he'd say " I busy, I playing, hug youself."  I lost it, and had to end the call.
Arosebyanothername Arosebyanothername
51-55, F
Sep 20, 2012