I Have A Lot To Say But...

Sometimes I just want to yell out what I want to say but other people are talking so I just sit there and am quite. I never like to interrupeted people so I'm just watching waiting for my chance. A lot of people think they know me but they really don't. It's sad that some people talk just to hear them selves and others don't even know what there saying they just want to be right. I want to tell people my dreams, ideas, and feelings but I'll just wright it down and hope someone looks at it online. I guess it's kinda sad but thats how I've always been. Don't get me wrong I will speak up if the moment calls for it like if someone can't stand up for them selves and others are bullying them or if someones over looking an important detail. At the very least it makes a great inpacted on people when I do choose to speak.

mastermind109 mastermind109
Feb 10, 2011