The Mill Valley Zeus will have an item in it this week that Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lloyd have gone to visit relatives in Portland, Oregon, and nobody'll know but what we're the happiest couple in the world--and perhaps we are!" Alix laughed uncomfortably. She was conscious, as she went out to speak to Kow about breakfast, and to give a final glance at fires and lights, that this was one of the times when girls needed a wise mother, or a father, who could decide, blame, and advise. Coming back from the kitchen, with a pitcher of hot water, she saw Martin, in a welter of evening papers, staring at the last pink ashes of the wood fire. Upon seeing her he got up, and with a cautious glance toward the bedroom doors he said: "Look here a minute! Can they hear us?" Alix set down her pitcher of water, and came to stand beside him. "Hear us--Peter and Cherry? No, Cherry's out on our porch, and Peter's porch is even farther away. silver belt buckles
Why?" "Take a look, will you?" he said. "I want to speak to you!" Alix, mystified, duly went to glance at Cherry, reading now in a little funnel of yellow light, and then crossed to enter Peter's room. His porch was dark, but she could see the outline of the tall figure lying across the bed. "Asleep?" she asked. "Nope!" he answered. "Well, don't go to sleep without pulling a rug over you!" she commanded. "Good-night, Pete!" "Good-night, old girl!" Something in the tone touched her, with a vague hint of unhappiness, but she did not stop to analyze it. led belt buckle She went back through his room, and through the little passage, and rejoined Martin. The freedom of Peter's apartment Alix had always taken as naturally as she did the freedom of her father's. "Can't hear us, eh?" Martin asked, when again she stood beside him. "Positively not!" she answered. "Look here," he said, abruptly. "What brought me up here is this. Who's making love to Cherry?" Indignant, and with rising colour, she stared at him. cheap belts
"Who--WHAT!" "She's having a nice little quiet flirtation with somebody," Martin said, with a significant and warning smile. "Who is it?" "I don't know who's been talking to you about Cherry, Martin," Alix said, sharply, "but you know you can't repeat that sort of rotten scandal to me!" "I don't mean any harm--I don't mean any harm!" he assured her, with a quick attempt to quiet the storm he had raised. "Don't get mad--don't get mad! But I happen to know that there's some attraction that's keeping Cherry here, and I came up to look over the ground for myself, do you see?" His look, which was almost a leer, seemed to imply that Alix was in the secret, a party to Cherry's foolishness, and did imply very distinctly that Martin felt himself to be more than a match for all their cunning. The woman was silent, looking straight into his eyes. "Come on, now, put me on!" he said. Alix made an effort at self-control. "Martin, you're mistaken!" she said, quietly.
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Dec 25, 2013