My Little Brother Is The Strongest Person I Know

my little brother has cp (cerebral palsy) on the right side. being the primary care giver for him i watched his struggle to do many of the simple things we would take for granted. because his right hand would not cooperate he was left handed by default. when he first started school they told us maybe try putting him in special needs. i knew my little brother was smart though he did things differently than i did and by putting him in special needs would farther make him feel less than normal. after many arguments with my mom she put him in regular class. one day he came home with small cuts and scrapes on his right hand so i expressed concern and as i was cleaning up his hand asked what happened i was not prepared to hear that the teacher had forced him to cut paper all day using his right hand after icing his hand and wrapping it i told him "next time tell the teacher 'God made me left handed for a reason. I don't have to be right handed because He has plans for me in the future.'" the next day he was given low marks and put in the naughty corner for 'talking back' this went on for years, and i finally got my mom to agree to therapy. my little angel of a brother is now 13 and though he may still do thing differently than i do my husband of 5 years still doesn't believe he has cp till i show him the pictures of where my little angel was when he was just a baby.
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Thanks for sharing that!!!! You and your brother both sound like amazing people!!

Sad that the related groups are all negative.

Glad that you care so much, refreshing.