I Don't Really Have Anybody

So I joined this site because I saw a lot of other people enjoying the same things I do. I really don't have anybody to talk to though and it sucks; I wish I did. I don't talk to my parents and I dont have any friends. Ive never really had a best friend at all. Its hard to meet new people because I dwell in my own thoughts all day with no one to talk to or be with and it makes me really insecure. I have so much built up tension from this. I even wake up in the morning and I always look over to my phone to see if anyone wants to talk; as usual though, I don't have any texts or calls from anyone. I sit around my room all day and just watch tv. Even on my facebook, no one talks to me ever. It makes me consider why I have one to begin with. When someone new does come into my life, its so hard to act normal. Its such a great feeling, I become so excited and attached to them and it usually causes the relationship to completely fall apart until I'm all alone again. I am very proactive about trying to meet new people; I am very nice, but I feel most people never give me the chance and nothing ever works out between us, Im not really sure why. I don't tend to talk to guys though. Most guys seem stupid and lazy. I like talking to girls because they give me good advice and they're sweet and I enjoy making them happy and smile. If I had a girl to talk to that was interested in the same stuff that I am, that would be awesome. If anyone wants to talk, feel free to.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Interesting, sounds like me.

You said you don't do anything but you want to have friends, so go out & do something you wont meet anyone in your room. get a hobby or take a class, you will meet other people that are interested in the same things you are.

That has crossed my mind and have tried. At my college, there is rarely anyone my age. I have suggested to several people about hanging out who are my age, but they always disregard it (assuming they aren't interested). At my job, the only people that work there are middle-aged family men. I've even gone to the mall alone, but you can never just go up to random people and start talking... maybe I'm just too full of excuses. Maybe the problem is me.