I Am Used to It

I was always picked on at school, never by classmates though, since I was always the tallest and weirdest in class! But I was always picked on by teachers.

They hated the smartest kid who never listened to them and never did home work and always talked backed, and always got the best grades.

I was the bad example, so they made sure no-one wanted to follow me! I was always on detention! I was even physically disciplined!

Even professors at my masters program didn't like me! but I am so used to it.

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6 Responses Mar 5, 2009

@ Henry: Thank you, I am flattered, but it is hard when you are 6!!<br />
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@ flourlady: I made it alright, but I am going to be really careful about my baby, so she wouldn't have to endure the same problem.<br />
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Thank you very much for your comments

you seemed to make it thru it ok but they always seem to pick on certain ones too!

Different time, it wasn't funny in my days. But of course if it was fun, I would be different. Maybe happier, and more understanding like you.<br />
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Thank you, your comments are always a joy

Haha, my english teacher would always throw a hissy fit when I'd misinterpret her words and complete my assignment in a funny way.

Yes, it was ok in my days.<br />
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Thank you skully

I know, they were trying to make an example of me! but they didn't succeed!<br />
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Thank you