Always Been Different!!

in life, i have always been different!! i have always just felt totally out of place from everyone else i have known!! even when i was in school, i always felt as though i never did fit in anywhere, and i guess thats why i had very few friends, and the friends i did have were in betweeners i liked to call them, cos they werent exactly popular, but they werent the loser types either!! i never really know what i want out of life!! i have plenty of ideas, but no ambition!!! i dream of things i would like to do, but never put any plans into action to help me achieve those dreams!! everyone else i know, seems to be all set, and know what they want out of life, and have either achieved what they wanted or are on course to achieve what they want!! whereas i continually find myself in a hole i cant seem to get out of!! i dont seem to think like others do, and i dont seem to enjoy things that others do either!!! im just different, but its who i am, and i quite like who i am!!!
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I know, it's bad to see how everybody has everything all figured out, but I also like myself the way I am and I will live the way I know how.

thank you *Anto815*!!!

Hi.. because of what has happened in the past."Evert" Da y is a new day!...Don"t worry your not alone I feel the same way.....You don"t have to be a certain way because of what has happened in the past. You are your own person.... I don"t know about you "But" I don"t want to live my Life in the past Lane. I want you to find a zillion things to be Thankful for...Take it one day at a time,,,, Good Luck.....Anto815

im glad you know what im talking about *shine*, im glad at least someone knows what im talking about !! hehe