The Word Weirdo Seems To Follow Me Around....

I can remember being called a weirdo as an 11 year old somewhat affectionately by friends, and it made me nervous. I think they called me that because my sense of humor was different than theirs, I read a lot of books and played elaborate imaginary games with dolls and friends for a long time. I was definitely not cool, but in my opinion I was funny. I guess I read a lot and found word jokes and rhyming jokes funny. In high school and beyond people told me I should be a comedian, but also that I was weird (usually different people) I had a different accent and style of dress than those around me from moving across the country and just a different view of the world. I sort of stopped trying to meet people like me for awhile. I recently told a close friend of mine that when people laugh and say I'm weird- or bizarre that it hurts my feelings and he told me, it was not an insult but that it was obvious my mind worked in a strange way. For the first time I actually told someone- that's fine, but it sucks always being reminded you are different by people, it feels lonely. I kind of thought this experience happened to everyone, but I don't think it really does.
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Weird and bizarre is good it means you are not reliant on fads or fashion you create your own stuff you have an independent brain, hold on to it, it will serve you well as you get older