Olympic,Titanic,and Brittanic-queens of the Seas

I love studying about these large ships.All three were built at Harland and Wolf Shipyards,Belfast,Northern Ireland.They were sister ships but Titanic was slighty bigger at 883 feet long,a four funnel mail steamer.She displaced 58,000 tons.All three are lost now.Titanic of course lost in 1912.The other two were lost in World War One.Harland and Wolf Shipyards now stand mostly empty.Sad ends for such stately queens.

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I would love to see the exhibition, but I live so far away. I too have been *glued* to the TV screen lately as bothe Discovery Channel and natGeo have aired several documentary films surround the sinking of the Titanic. I also believe it was a sad ending but inevitable as man"s *arrogance* was at it's peak at this time in history. <br />
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Today I did pause and remember the impact this tragedy has had upon our lives today.<br />
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It is true that the simple mention of the word Titanic, conjures so much in the mind of the individual.<br />
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Only Jesus and the American Civil war have had more written about them.

I just saw the Titanic display at the GA Aquarium last weekend, it was simply breath taking, my kids are still talking about it! I still can't believe that hounds tooth outfit was in such great condistion after sitting on the ocean floor for so long! Has anybody here seen the National Geographic show on the sinking of the Carpathia? And how they found the Isis too? I couldn't get of the sofa it was so good. Wow, I am super nerd uh? lol

Hey Irish! :) I've been fascinated by these ships since I was a little kid - I have no idea why! I've got lots of books on the subject.<br />
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The Olympic wasn't lost in WWI, it was decomissioned and ******** after the war - parts of it still exist in museums. :) The Britannic was used as a hospital ship and sunk in the Mediterranean. Robert Ballard (who led the mission which found the wreck of the Titanic) did an excellent exploration of the Brittanic wreck as well. :)

And that coward J.Bruce Ismay ran while women and children froze in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland.

which was the largest ship ever made