Skyclad, Nude and Natural.

I am now aged eighty and delighted to recall some of the nude moments of my life. I was studying in London in summer of 1950, then aged 23 and made the opportunity to visit Spielplatz in countryside north of the city. I traveled by train and bus, then walked along the lane to the sun club which features a windmill as a guiding beacon. At the reception chalet I was greeted by a transparently clad woman who collected the fee and directed me to where I could leave my clothing. It was an early quiet Saturday morning as I explored unclad into the grounds screened by hedges and trees. Passing the open swimming pool I met two ladies chatting as they soaked the sun's early rays. I recognised one as Elizabeth, a superb nude model that I had seen in the H&E magazine. They waved a friendly greeting. At the pavillion I met Dorothy, the proprietor's motherly wife who served refreshments and snacks. Later, after a day of exploration, swimming and chats, I asked Dorothy if I could stay overnight. I was given the name of the chalet I was to occupy and was soon followed there by Dorothy's younger daughter Cosette, then aged about eighteen, with fresh sheets to prepare my bed... We chatted there completely uninhibited and natural, only to be stopped by Dorothy who came to chide her daughter, saying that there were more jobs to be attended to... The ambience of that moment, with it's respect for mutual nudity, was both pleasantly sensual and memorable... I slept well and enjoyed remaining a nudist for the far busier Sunday that followed.        Kiatau.
Kiatau Kiatau
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Thank you Mcsac! I haven't been to EP in awhile and do miss it. Will have to start coming back again. You are in No CA? I have been in Redding and do like the Mt. Shasta area a lot. It is so inspiring to see Mt. Shasta from my dining room window. Traveled up to it and the town of McCloud. Nice little town with caring people in it. Am about ready to drive back to CA and Redding again. I was invited by a friend to explore a nudist camp - that was my beginning - the swimming in the nude is what is such a great draw for me. Hiking in the nude is fun too. I just enjoy being unclothed and the idea that we can explore and be who we are.

What a wonderful feeling to have the sun caress your whole body and the wind run it's zephyrs over you uninhibited by clothing - just the way you were put here on this earth. Swimming is the best though - you can glide thru the water without a suit holding you back. I love it!

Thank you for sharing ... good to meet other likeminded people

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There are possibilities for finding nudist clubs in the phone book index or the internet. Please don't let time slip by without sharing the experiencie of this wonderful freedom as a family unit...