Nudity As A Lifestyle

 I discovered nudity at 11 when, following a textile upbringing, I had to change in front of the rest of the year 7 boys at school for gym, and realised that far from the body being 'dirty' or 'weird' we were all the same. Oh, of course there were variations, some looked almost adult, others (myself included) had years to go before that point.

I couldn't work out why my parents were so convinced that nudity was wrong, and started sleeping naked and would wander around naked if they were out.

My first single sex experience with group nudity was going to a council run sauna near where I was working when I was 19, my first mixed sex session was in my mid-twenties at a swim near where I was at college.

My first long term relationship, she had no problems being naked with her family or friends, but I couldn't persuade her to go public. And because of her attitude I stopped for about eight years.

Now I'm married. We met online, I advertised saying I was a nudist, and whilst never going publicly nudist my wife was open to the idea. Our first weekend away was a nudist one, we went to a nudist swim shortly afterwards, and we've never had a problem since.

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2 Responses Nov 30, 2009

I have been a nudist for about 45 years, but my wife, while saying she is thinking about it has never followed through.

I was amazed how readily my wife and I both took to the public side of this experience. :) You were smart to find the right lady for a comfortable and free lifestyle.