Hef Got Me Started

I remember in junior high when one of my friends discovered his father's Playboy magazines.  And what a discovery it was.  We were feeling our hormones and to see the female landscape laid out before us... wow! 

We were amazed, shocked, intrigued and quite horny.  But I noticed something else.  These people were naked in places I never dreamt of getting naked.  They were naked in the library, nude in the living room and kitchen and naked outside.  To me, at that time, naked is what you were before and after you took a shower.  I never thought of just being naked... and all the time. 

So I decided to try it.  First sleeping nude and then being nude when I was home alone.  It felt great.  But I was still too paranoid to do it alot.  But I eventually got more comfortable, sneaking out at night to our yard and hanging out nude on the patio when my parents were gone.  And by the time I was in college and on my own, I was driving places that I knew I could hang out nude for as long as I wanted.

Now as an adult, I am nude more than I am dressed.  Work is the only time I wear clothes.  I am always looking for ways to stay nude, even when out of the house.  I drive nude which allows me to drop off my mail and thanks to atm's, bank in the nude too.  I still like to get out and enjoy the freedom of being natural in a natural setting.  There's nothing like it, no matter where you are.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I used to love all the 'men's magazines'. Now they all seem so ho hum!