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1960's Pretty Pastel Llpg

In the early to mid 60's I had a steady Girlfriend we would go out quite abit and before dropping her off at home we would park and have a little huggy bear kissy face. Well kissing got to petting. She always wore a Pretty Pastel Lacy Pantygirdle and stockings, even while wearing slacks.

I would always ask her to lift her skirt and show me her Girdle, she would, to might GREAT enjoyment. We were both 17 and I have been a Crossdresser, ALL OF MY LIFE and had started buying my own Girl Clothes. She was not aware of my crossdressing, but on one occasion I felt as though she knew.

I had gone to a Department store in the Area, (No WalMart or K-Mart self shop then), and bought a very PRETTY, Pale Blue Pantygirdle with garters. I had gotten up my courage, mouth very dry and asked the lady in the Lingerie/Foundation  Department for my Girdle, she asked me the size, I told her and she then brought it to me, asked if this is what I wanted. I said yes, she put it in a box then asked if I would like stocking to go with it.

Gotta say, I was Floored---I believe I mumbled yes and told her 11 long. Seamless, reinforced heel and toe, coffee colored.

Needless to say, I went to the restroom and put on my Girdle and stockings, walked around all day feeling very FEMININE and singing to myself "I enjoy being a Girl."

Well about two days later, my girlfriend and I were playing a game. It was a board game by I believe Kreskin, the mentalist.

You would ask the board a question and both hold a swinging pendulent above and it would swing to Yes or No, VERY scientific I might add.

This story is going to end very unclimaticly, sorry to say. After this long story, the only thing that made me wonder was  when we played the game, my girlfriend asked the board if I had ever worn a GIRDLE.It just seemed strange that two days before I had bought a LLPG, Pastel with Garters, JUST like she had.

NO-------she withdrew the question prior to the answer. I no longer have this girlfriend, BUT I (no, I would not have kept it that long sicko) still have the desire to find and wear Preyy Pastel Colored PantyGirdles, with lace, garters and stockings.

I have a few PantyGirdles now, but, alas, only in Black, Beigh and of course white. Bras and Panties along with Pantygirdles should all be colored corodinated.



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Your pale blue pantygirdle brought back memories for me. As soon as I had my first job and my own money to spend I went to what we would call a big box store today where I could buy a girdle off the rack. Like you, I chose a pale blue panty girdle with garters. After making my selection I took it to the cash register, paid the cashier, she put my girdle in a bag, I took it and wlked out of the store. I nevre excahnged a single word with the cashier, but she must have known I was buying the girdle for myself. I went home and into my bedroom and immediately tried on my new girdle. I think I actually slept all night with my girdle on. A couple of weeks later I went back to the same store and bought an identical girdle except that it was light yellow instead of pale blue. I also bought stockings to make my garters useful. It was not long before I had several girdles in different colors and had enough that I could wear a girdle all the time. Too bad all those pretty girdles are no longer available.

hi sweety love the story , do you think your gf asked about the griddle because he kew you had bought one an were enjoying it? I woud like to also say that i love girdells and all things fem , but id do believe that girdells are fem appearel contrary to what tom sems to think , i love wearin them and lve to thinkki am a crossdresser and love being a fem Gurly Gurl love penny from ct

sorry but I don't understand what your saying.

hi hun sorry i will try to reword . In your story you tell of buyig you new girdel and the excitement of joy, and a few days later playing with your girlfriend , seems you were using a wege board type game. She asked if you had ever worn a girdel and then tole the board to "stop" before it answered , and she is now your x , i was wondering if she might have known that yo had gone shopping and love to wear girdels . Hope i made more scense this time ;-) love Penny

Hi Girls----------also guys<br />
<br />
I STILL feel this way. I just think it just so very FEMININE and Girly attaching my stocking to the garter tabs of my Girdle and looking back as I attach the stockings to the rear Garters!<br />
<br />
Only Real Girls and or Girly/Boys know how to attach stockings to garters and are able to attach the hook and eye clasps to a Bra from behind.<br />
What a wonderful feeling it is as well, wearing a pretty, lacy slip over my Girdle and Stockings and under a pretty Skirt!

Growing up there was a lingerie store in the neighborhood called Plymouth (sadly, out of business for sometime) where I purchased my first panty girdle. Had saved money from my paper route and gathered my courage to buy my first pink panty girdle. When I approached the sales woman, I think my hands were shaking and mouth dry, but I was able to discuss what I wanted hoping that there was no one in the store who recognized me. Once the transaction was completed, my purchase in the bag wrapped in tissue paper, I walked out satisfied and carressing my purchase. I returned home and immediately tried this wonderful garment to great satisfaction. I recall being around 12 or 13, have purchased many girdles since and will continue on my crossdressing ways, happily. I also try to coordinate my bra and panties with the color of my girdle.

I personally believe that for a male to wear a girdle has nothing to do with being a cross dresser. A girdle has been labeled by society so to speak as a women's clothing. When in reality a girdle panty hose really does not have a gender. If you happen to like the positive results of being in a girdle, panty hose be you a male or female you really should wear a girdle and panty hose. It really doesn't matter.

I have a hypothesis that cross dressing has it 's roots in men trying to find their sophistication and sensuality that has been chopped off. Men are pushed into dehumanizing gender roles soldiers , workers etc we are taught to be "tough" and "hard" sensuality and sophistication has been labeled "feminine" and placed on a shelf out of our reach. A natural part of our selves cut off basically at birth. It is not , however cut off from women though most every thing is. I have always admired certain women for their grace and sophisticated style and longed to find that in my self. I never cross dressed as in fake breasts etc because I just don't like the frilly clothing that women have even on them. I do like to have an element of grace, sensuality and sophistication in my look. I love black leggings and black tops or silver leggings and my gray turtle neck. I have a skintight fetish so I find leggings very sensual and sharp looking as well. I also love unitards for the same reason the show all the curves and graceful topography of the human body. However these things though eloquent have been labeled "feminine" and put out of men's reach. A man isn't allowed to show his body at all unless it's shirtless so as to threaten with his bulging muscles and tattoos or some other macho display like that . He is not allowed to be sophisticated about it what so ever, only brutal. I think a lot of men so long for the part of themselves that has been amputated that they turn to cross dressing as they confuse the all sophistication, grace , and eloquence with being female as that is the image they have been presented with from birth.