It Happened On The Way To The Grocery Store

My, mom and I were going to the grocery story.  Which we did, every other Thursday.  Well, we had to stop, at the place where my daddy was working and pick up his check.  And before we got started, my mom asked me if I ad to go to the bathroom, before we got started, and I had told her no.  Well, we were shopping for about and hour, when the urge hit me.  I was acting silly, and mommy, asked me , if I had too go, to the bathroom, I said, no. In the mean time, I was going to look for the bathroom, and figure out how to do it and not get caught.  Well, I went to the bathroom, and drop my pants and underwear, just below my crotch, and drop the mother of all loads in my pants, and had placed it so she would not notice it in the there.  Washed my hands, and continued as if nothing happened.  Well on the way to a fast food place, she wanted to know were the smell was coming from, and I told, he I must have step in dog poop, and it was on my shoes.

So, we stopped at the fast food place, and I went to the bathroom to check and see if it had started to show through my blue jeans, and it had just a small circle showing, about the size of a snuff can, so i pulled my pants back up, and went on with my business. I told my mommy, that I went to the bathroom, and cleaned the dog poop, off of my shoe.  And, on the way home I, told her I had to hurry home, She said why, I said I have home work to do(and she knew that was a lie, cause I, never did homework).  And, before, we got to the house, she said, you pooped in your pants again , didn't you?  I said yes, and I did before we left  store.  Then why, did you tell me, that you stepped in dog poop? I said, because I knew, you would whip me.  And i want, to home and change before you found out.  Well, we got home and the poop by now, was up to the front of my pants and all over the back seat of the car, and yes I got a whipping, for not telling the truth, and for messing up the back seat of the car, and for pooping in my pants.  And another, whipping when my daddy got home, because when he got home I had peed in my pants, and they were a really big mess, my parents always made me clean my pants and underwear( my underwear was always brown), I could never get them clean.   this happened in the spring of 72.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 15, 2010