Ga Ga Over the Leafs

I have always loved watching the Leafs play and especially win!  I have been watching them since I could breathe.  I still remember Hockey Night in Canada when it was only just that!  I stll hear Foster Hewitt commenting and doing play by play "Keon has the puck; it's over to Ellis; now back to Monahan; Monahan up to Keon; Keon up the ice; HE"S ALL ALONE; Keon shoots; he scores! The Leafs have won it in overtime!".

There is nothing more exciting in the land of hockey than being a Leaf fan and I will be one till I die. 

Today we (Ron, Burkey, Hunter and all the many, many  fans) are preparing another brute force, never say die team that, I am now convinced will indeed see another Lord Stanley before this decade is over....GO LEAFS GO!

PiratedePassion PiratedePassion
41-45, M
Mar 12, 2009