Watching and Waiting With Great Anticipation

Oh how we pine for the final version to be released!

Let the dynasty return already!

What an amazing group of fans this team has!

People as faithful as the rising sun-who have known no other team; nor do they want to even entertain such a thought!

Once a Leaf fan-always a Leaf fan. 

Through struggle and hardship; through bad ownership and draft picks; and even when the captain-a veteren Leaf center resigns his post out of fear and selfishness; there will always be the faithful watching and waiting in the wings for the inevitable return of the Leaf dynasty that once ruled the world of hockey.  Rest assured all you ravenous never say die fans:  The dynasty will return.  The legend will be resurrected.


PiratedePassion PiratedePassion
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5 Responses Mar 13, 2009

He's a great goalie. He will be in again tonite so hang on for what i hope will be win 2.

Hang in there baby. The best is yet to come.

That's the temptation for sure Laurie. <br />
They now have 5 IR pla<x>yers ( that is 1/4 of the team), 1 pla<x>yer is supposed to be back tonite. The other 4 are day to day. They are missing their young hot goalie, a proven 35-50 goal scorer and team leader and a solid defense compliment also due to injury.<br />
What I saw last night was a very P ISS ED off Wilson who was ready to take off a few heads. Rest assured, both Wilson and Burke are proven winners and will not tolerate this kind of effort much longer. These guys are doers who hate to lose more than anyone I know so now we will just have to sit and watch them work their majic. I know its hard to be patient but I promise you it will be worth the wait. The Leafs are already almost an entirely brand new team so it will take a few (maybe 10) games for Wilson to pull it all together. Look for call ups and send downs to take place. <br />
A side note: Wilson said something to Blake at some point last night (probably something like "score or sit") after which Blake came out on the ice and scored what seemed to be an impossible goal. This shows you how capable Blake is when he wants to be. He has incredible vision and is a natural goal scorer. The problem is with the team as a whole-they are in a funk and need time to snap out of it. This. I believe is one almost pure case where the team, not the coach is to blame. Let's see what happens by game 10.

Make that 4 key pla<x>yers Laurie. Injuries have NOT helped the Leafs. They need to get a good start in every game and then play THEIR game consistently not the opponent's. If they do that and don't make any stupid mistakes, they should be successful until the rest of the team (the cavalry) arrives. Hang in there; the second half of this month on should get progressively better. <br />
IF things don't get better after a week or 2, look for Burke to make some more changes. Anything could happen including trading anybody (including Kaberle). But let's wait and see what transpires after they get healthy first.

They are a new team this year Laurie. Give them a few more games to figure a few more chemistry things out. Also they are missing at least 3 key payers until November. They look like they suck right now but give them time to build. I don't think you will be disappointed this year like you were last year. Beleaf is key. Keep the faith.