Miss It.

I have dressed on and off since I was a little boy. My wife would never deal with it so I have tried to suppress the feelings and have gone as far as getting rid of my wardrobe, but no matter how I try to fight it I get the urge to do it. I am thinking about going out and getting me another pair of high heels. I loved them the most.
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I know how you feel i am in the same boat. My wife just found more of my hidden clothes and she got mad. She ask me why i do it. Do you know why you have these feelings?

I get up at 5am in the morning and the wife is still in bed, I put the kettle on the stove and then go into the front rome put on my tights ,skirt & blouse or a dress, make my cup of tea. then i go for astroll around my garden. My next door neighbour came past at that time one morning and she saw me dressed in female attire and nearly fell of off her bike, She waved to me so I waved back,nothing was said. She has seen me several times its a nice feeling. Now 2 weeks ago at 0630 am My neighbour on the other side walked into my kitchen and I was dressed in my nighty and she very nice and then asked to see my wife. I could not hide so I just carried on making my morning cup of tea. that is life. wear what you want and when.

My boat is similiar and my wife knows I like wearing female attire but does not like me doing so, but I do wear either a nighty or slip or both when I go to bed at night, I change into these clothes at about 7pm in the evenings. When my wife goes shopping she is usually out for about 3hrs and phones me when she wants me to pick her up. so I take this oppurtunity to wear either a dress or a Skirt and Blouse, wow what a lovely feeling to be free for a few hours of male attire. but I mostly still wear panties under my trousers. .

I'm in the same boat. My wife would not accept it many years ago so I purged everything. Now the urges are coming back,

Its never easy to suppress this. Because its you are. Its always come up to the surface. I learned one thing: if I try to suppress, i can for a very short time, but it will gain more power, and it will be more powerful, then before... I understood how hard to be normal, but you are normal, maybe you need a try to talk about your crossdressing with your wife. The womans can be very appreciative. Just make her sure you still love her, you are not gay, but this will be the hardest, because the most of the peoples didn't understood this.