Until I found the answer to it.
Arorin Arorin
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Quite right!

Indeed! :D

I think what makes it so profound is the answer is right in front of our faces. I mean the dictionary gives the meaning of life in it..

No; I think it's profound despite its simplicity

I had someone get mad at me for my answer once. They was expecting something just so big... but I really dont think it is.

Well said, I must say :)

Well the meaning of life to me is to just live. It is as simple as that. Dont worry about anything and just live as happy as you can.

Yes I want to know YOUR opinion! :)

Well we really gotta figure it out on our own. Everyone has an opinion after all, but if you really want to know then fine.

well share! haha

I do have the answer (for myself).

Because you say you have the answer


And what is it?