I Have Always Tried to Be There

I have...I have always tried...To be there for everyone.My family and friends.Always the peacemaker.But then I realized one day I would fail the challenge..The horrible decision of being a good friend or saving your own self.It was the first time I chose myself.I knew I had to or I would have not survived the emotional fallout.And still afterall these years I still try to think of a way I could have saved a friendship and myself by one action.I am probably trying to just think of something ...but no matter what choice I made  I would have died emotionaly or physically...I guess the debate really is which would have been worse...

PerpetualWinter PerpetualWinter
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

If the friendship was that good, they might have realised the risk to you and not ended the friendship. Unfortunately, the more we do, the more they expect us to do. And the less they give us in return.<br />
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Never regret saving yourself. Never feel guilty about it. Live the life you've been given and be happy that you have the opportunity. :)

maybe you could have saved both your friendship and yourself. but, do you think you would be the same person you are now if you did this? besides, you might find out somehow, some time, how you might have saved both, but you have to realize that you probably hadn't had the necessary experience... so, stop living in the past... there is no way to change it... <br><br />