I really mean always. Since I was probably 6 or 7. I'm 18 now. It could be because my mom and my older cousin were also raped and I really looked up to both. Thinking back now, I'm not sure my mom should have told me anything of the sort at that age, but there were some family members she needed me to steer clear of. As a child I guess the fantasy was more of a desire or craving for attention. At first it wasn't actually rape that I wanted. Something more mild like being molested. The older I got the further the fantasies went. Also as far back as I can remember I have always ***********, which with my parents being "Jehovah's Witnesses" I got my *** beat anytime I got caught. They'd tell me I was disgusting and that god hated people who did that. Funny that my dad felt justified enough to be able to say that considering he got drunk every night and made my sister and me watch while he beat my mom. Anyway, I'm not really sure how I learned about ************, but I feel like that could also tie in here somehow with this fantasy. Maybe it was a way for me to remain guilt free, while not having to alter anything about myself. I'm still a virgin, but since I'm older and have had a few close encounters I can think more of consensual sex that could just be made into kinky sex. I guess maybe everyone has a weird sex fantasy. :)
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be patient some will marry sooon to fullfill ur bed dream


Lol not sure I want to wait for marriage.