Wife Got Double ****** By Strangers

This is a long story that happened over two nights, so I’ll post it in two parts…
My wife and I were introduced by a mutual friend years ago, and married after a couple years of dating, and years later are still together and enjoying the time we get together now since our children are grown… A couple of years ago, our mutual friend was doing her physician assistant internship at a hospital near our home, so she would spend nights at our house on her work days… this was really nice, as it gave us all time to catch up after our careers had kept us apart for the majority of the past 25 years… one of her nights at our house, we were having some wine and talking, and when my wife left to get ready for bed, our friend brought up a time years ago, when her and I kissed on a sort of a dare, before my wife and I met, and she asked if I ever thought about that time and that kiss… I told her I did, and often wondered why we never dated at that time, and made a comment to the effect, she said that she often wished we had, because maybe she’d be the happy one now. I told her that was an incredibly flattering thing to say and she related that after a couple bad marriages, she was always kind of envious that she and I hadn’t pursued each other all those years ago, and that she sometimes was really resentful of my wife for that… I thanked her for such a nice compliment, and said I had always admired how she had continued her career and although her husbands had never appreciated it, she was an impressive woman, and I was glad to have her around all these years. There was a little more mutual admiration and we called it a night and went off to bed, her to the guest room, and me to my wife… As I lay there in bed, I kept thinking about what may have been and got aroused at the thought of her and used that excitement to give my wife a good deep ****, feeling a little extra naughty knowing it was the woman in the guest room that got me so hot.
Fast forward a few years, and we had stayed in contact and had occasionally discussed the topic further, but never acted on any of our thoughts. One of the times we were talking, we got to the subject of sex and I told her that our sex life was fun, and there had been a couple adventures, but that my wife was still fairly reserved most of the time, and had never had any sex without me, save a one time when a young guy at work ****** her when she was drunk after a work party, and I always wondered what she would be willing to do if she put herself out to see… so I asked our friend to do me a favor, that she may enjoy too… they were making a trip up to our home state together so they could attend to a couple of family things that happened to be in conflict of when I had to travel for work, so I couldn’t go, so I asked our friend to take her out one night to a bar and get a few drinks in her and see what she could get her to do… she asked if I was serious, and when I said I was, she asked me what the limits were, and I said only that she doesn’t get physically hurt by anyone… she asked if she could invite a couple of male friends she knew back at home, and I said sure, you can do whatever you think gets the best chance of getting her to misbehave… as we discussed it further, she asked if she could take her out two nights to get the most of it, and I asked what she meant… she said that if she could get her in a “compromising position” the first night, she could use it to manipulate her for more fun the second night, and she pulled out her cell phone and said if she took a couple pictures the first night, she could extort any behavior she wanted the second night… I smiled and agreed on the condition that she sends me the pictures as soon as she took them, but didn’t tell my wife… She agreed and the plan was set.
The week came they were to leave, and the night before I kept my wife up most of the night sexually using her in any and every way as I thought of what she may have coming the next weekend. The next day, I drove her the couple hours to our friend’s house, they left for the 6 hour drive back to our home state, and I went back home.
The week was LONG as I was anticipating what the upcoming weekend would bring. Finally it was Friday, and that meant their first “girls night out.”
They went to a local bar out in the country that is known as kind of a local watering hole with a dance floor, and it wasn’t long til the two ladies sitting alone were being asked to dance with my wife declining all offers. Our friend had invited two of her guy friends so not long after the two ladies arrived, they came in and acting surprised to see our friend, sat down with them and bought a round of drinks and started to chat to catch up a little… one thing that I need to say is that my wife is not much of a drinker at all, and it only takes her a couple glasses of wine to start to get tipsy… our friend knows this and used it to her advantage to get my wife to loosen up, and a few drink later, she agreed to a dance with one of the guys and was out on the dance floor for a couple of slow dances and our friend managed to get a picture of my wife dancing with him, from the back, so she didn’t know, and send them to me so I would know the plan had started to go in to action…
While they were dancing, our friend told the other guy that the two of them were out for a ladies night out, and that she was trying to get her friend laid, without telling her anything about why, and told him she was a pretty reserved woman who needed a little wild fun in her life to loosen her up. The guy obviously agreed to help and ordered another round of drinks, except this time, our friend had my wife’s favorite mixed drink brought to kind of speed up the process. It worked!
After a couple drinks, my wife was starting to get giggly when the conversation turned to sex, and when they started to ask her things about sex, she would shyly answer questions only when goaded by the group, and especially our friend to do so. Eventually, our friend started to take the two guys’ side in encouraging my wife to be more forthcoming, and then dared my wife to let one of the guys kiss her to show she wasn’t the all-too-reserved, prim and proper misfit she seemed to be in a place so laid back and easy going… with a little more prodding from our friend, she relented and let the guy kiss her… she tried for a quick kiss, but the guy had his arm around her and held her in for a long one, and as she relaxed a little, he slipped his tongue in her mouth and it became a full blown passionate kiss, which had always been an incredible turn on for my wife. When the kiss broke, she said, “wow, that wasn’t what I expected” and smiled and took a sip of her drink. The second guy, seated on the other side of her, said he felt left out, and without much of a warning, put his arm around my wife and leaned in for a kiss, again giving her a deep wet kiss, then complimenting her on what a great kisser she is.
Our friend suggested leaving for quieter surroundings, and they all agreed and walked out, the two guys telling our friend to follow them, as they got in their pickup and the girls getting in our friend’s car. My wife asked where they were going, and our friend told her they were just making a quick stop on the way home and not to worry… my wife said OK and off they drove…
At the end of a long day and a couple too many drinks, my wife nodded off in the car as they drove the short distance to the driveway of one of the guys’ houses out in the country, and stopped next to his barn. The guys got out and walked over to the car and our friend told them my wife would need some help, and they gladly agreed to give any help she needed. When they started to left her out of the car, she half woke up and asked where they were, to which our friend said, “we’re here for that quick stop on the way home” and my wife said, “OK” and let the guys help her out of the car.
They walked her over to the truck and opened the tailgate and sat her up on it then each sat on one side of her and put their arms around her. Our fried got her cell phone out and took a picture of the three of them then told the guys to make it look like more fun so they each put a hand on my wife’s **** and before she could react, our friend took a picture and sent it to me… my wife pushed their hands away and laughed it off and sat there between them… our friend asked my wife if she trusted her, and she said “of course” so our friend said, then let’s have a little fun… she walked up and pulled out a deck of cards and said, “OK, ***** cards time” and told my wife to pick a card… when she did, it was a 7 of clubs, so our friend said, “OK, first 7 and she loses her shirt” and stared turning over cards til she got to a 7, and told my wife, OK, you lose, take off your shirt… my wife protested the whole time she was unbuttoning her shirt and taking it off and dropped it in the back of the truck… our friend took another picture and sent it, then said, OK Jim, pick a card, and when he picked the King of spades, our friend said, “OK, first King, she loses her bra”… and started turning over cards til a King came up and said, “OK Jim, take off her bra”… my wife again protested the whole time he was unhooking and removing her bra, but let it happen without realizing what was actually happening… our friend took another picture and sent it, then told the guys to make it look more fun and they grabbed her **** again and another picture was taken and sent with my wife not even protesting this time, as she was drunk enough to be too confused to realize what was really going on… next Steve drew the 5 of spades, and our friend said, “aw-oh, spades again… next 5 she loses her pants” and soon there was a 5 and my wife was complaining about her luck as she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and wriggled them down over her round *** and pushed them down to step out of them… when she bent over to take them off, she almost fell, but the guys grabbed her and held her to steady her and when her jeans were off, they continued to hold her, running their hands over her and groping her **** for a moment until she sat back down on the tailgate… again, our friend took a picture and sent it to me… then she said, “OK, my turn” and she pulled a card from the deck and showed them the 5 of hearts… “Two 5’s in a row… your luck is terrible tonight… next 5, she loses her panties” and as my wife started o protest, a 5 came up and our friend said, “that’s it, lose the panties” so my wife, complaining about her luck laid back on the bed of the truck, lifted her *** up and started to slide her panties down and the guys helped by taking over and taking them off her and tossing them in the truck… my wife started to sit back up but our friend told her to wait a second and had the guys hold her knees apart so she could get a picture to send me… then they sat her up and she commented that she didn’t know how her luck could get worse tonight, to which our friend said she didn’t either but told my wife that at least it was a warm night, and they all laughed… Steve pulled a joint out of his shirt pocket and lit it, took a hit then gave it to our friend, who passed it off to Jim who took a hit and passed it to my wife, who took a hit and started to cough prompting pokes from the other 3 that she must not be much of a smoker, which she isn’t, and told her she better take a couple more hits to practice… she did and passed it back off to Steve, who took a hit and gave it to our friend who kept it and told the guys, I’ll finish this, you guys find something else to do…
Jim went to the cab of his truck and got a blanket out and told my wife it was to make her more comfortable, then told her to stand up… she thought he was being a gentleman and wrapping her in a blanket, but he folded it a couple times and put it on the tailgate of the truck and turned her around to face the truck and bent her over at the waist on to the tailgate of the truck… she was so mellowed by the pot that she just complied and was now bent over, *** sticking out for the next picture… our friend took a picture and sent it, then told the guys she couldn’t see much, so the guys each grabbed an *** cheek and spread it as Steve gave her *** a little smack and told her to spread her feet… she did as told, and was now nicely spread for the next picture… the guys knew what to do next and slid a hand down and gently spread her ***** lips for the next picture… when the fingers touched her, my wife let out a slight moan and offered no resistance, so they took turns sliding fingers in her and complimenting her on how incredibly wet she was, which they said was excellent, and then said they didn’t want to waste so much wetness, and that they were sure my wife wouldn’t want it wasted either and Steve took off is jeans and got behind her, and without a word got behind her put his hard **** against her spread ***** lips… she moaned at the feeling and with his **** being average size, he was able to easily ram it in her dripping wet ***** and start to **** her… she just moaned with each thrust and Jim commented he felt left out… Steve apologized for being so greedy and continuing to **** my wife, said to her, “we don’t want Jim to feel left out do we?”… she moaned “not poor Jim”… Steve pulled her up off the tailgate and holding her upright by her **** told Jim to put the blanket on the ground, and when he did, Steve pushed down on my wife’s shoulders and told her to get down on her hands and knees so she could get ****** by them both at the same time… she complied and soon had Steve’s **** back in her ***** and Jim’s in her mouth… our friend took more pictures and kept sending them to me as the guys ****** her mouth and *****… our friend got down by my wife and whispered in her ear, “how’s that feel” how’s that good little wife like getting double ****** by a couple of wild strangers? You’re going to like getting *** from these two guys aren’t you? You’ll be thinking of this the next time you take your husband’s *** in your mouth and your *****”… and she gave my wife’s *** a smack and said, “that’s a good little wife” and she got in front of her close up and said, “look at me” as she took a picture of my wife’s lips wrapped around a **** and sent it to me…
It wasn’t long before Jim said, “get ready little wife, here I ***” and holding her head tight in his hands started to *** in her mouth, her swallowing as fast as she could to keep from choking on it, until she felt him start to go soft in her mouth, and he backed out, patted the side of her face and said, “you are a good little **********”… then he got up and started to get dressed as Steve let out a groan and slammed fully inside her and started to ***, giving a groan and push with each pulse of his ****.
When he was done, he pulled out and pulled my wife up in to a kneeling position and got in front of her to take his condom off, then told her to suck his **** dry while he emptied the *** out of his condom and squeezed it like a toothpaste tube in her hair, telling her, “there’s a souvenir for you”… all the while, our friend is getting pictures for us of ***** in her mouth and *****.
By this time, my wife is starting to sober up a little and is ready to get dressed, so our friend tells her to put her jeans and top back on, but that the guys get to keep her bra and panties as their trophies, and when she starts to protest, our friend says, before you say anything, you just listen to me… she shows her the phone and says, “I have pictures of all of this… you don’t want anyone to see these do you?” My wife immediately says “NO”… our friend smiles and says, “good, then here’s what you’ll do… tomorrow you and I will go shopping for a new outfit for you to wear tomorrow night, and we will go out again, and will have a really good time, but without the alcohol and pot… do you understand?”… my wife says, “I’m not sure I do”, to which our friend says, “if you want these kept private, you’ll buy the outfit I pick out for you tomorrow, and you will come out with me again, and you’ll do anything you are told for the evening… simple as that… you do anything you are told or I send the pictures to everyone I know, including your husband… no negotiations, no refusals”
And with that, they got back in our friends car and she drove her back to her father’s house and before she got out, our friend said, “you may want to hurry to bed… you have *** in your hair and smell like you just got ******… see you tomorrow.”
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This is such a hot story. Wish they could have ****** her longer. I was fingering myself as I read ur story and almost came. Still very good though.

I bet you would you perv,but thenyou could bring her to the edge and not let her *** for hours. then watch her explode in her best ever climax.

doesnt sound like a friend to me I would have hunted her down tied her to a tree and pored honey on her naked body

I'd lick all that honey off her