My Feminine Desires

For as long as I can remember have wished I would have been born female. I can remember wishing when going to bed at night that I would wake in the morning and find myself to be a girl. This is still with me today! I presume it was these inner feelings that lead me to wear female clothing. I always thought girls looked so cute in their dresses and skirts/blouses and wanted to be like them. Secondly, I would see mother’s lingerie as well as neighbors when they would hang them to dry and always wondered what it would be like to daily wear a bra, girdle and hose. Thus my life journey into feminizing began!  It began with wearing mother's girdles and bra and the silky feel of the hose on my legs. Not to forget the delightful tug on garters holding the hose in place!  I would wear her girdle as often as possible throughout  teen years when they were away, even took one of my sisters girdles for my own which I would wear to sleep. I have always loved the feeling of firmness and the way a girdle hugged me!  After finishing school and on my own began to purchase my own girdles, bras, slips, hose and various dresses, skirts and blouses. Would dress frequently but needed to completely feminize so began using makeup and then added a wig and heels. It is such a wonderful feeling to slip into feminine clothing, put on makeup, wig and heels and go out. When I have completed my feminine transformation I feel so relaxed and confident in my person. The desire to dress as women and express my feminine nature has only grown stronger over the years and I now dress as frequently as possible. The only drawback is that the wife does not understand nor support my need to express the inner woman. Thus can dress only when she is away which is normally several days a week. Someday hope to be able to dress fully 24/7.

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Hi Brigitte,
Have things improved since you wrote this story six years ago?
I love my wife and wish I could dress with her again as I once did.

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Like other girls on here, I can fully identify with you comments. I to have wished that a miracle would happen whilst I slept and I would wake a sexy woman.

If i did however that would be a big worry. Not because I would have to present myself as a woman, I would enjoy that and I have the wardrobe so no problems there. I would not even worry to much about having to go through all the prodding and poking that would almost certainly occur as I went through the procedure of becoming legally female. No! the problem would be, and it's one that would cause me to loose sleep, is worrying that when I slept a further miracle would turn me back to being male. That would be a cruel nightmare.

Like you I have a love of girdles, stockings, bras (I'm wearing these right now) and all things femme. Whilst a good woman can be the most precious of gifts, I do not have a wife. This means that I do not have to worry about dressing 'en femme' and do this each and every day though not 24/7 just not at work time whilst at home. I'm sure that some day I will go 24/7 though and may even do a full transition - ffs & srs.

I think it's wonderful that you go all the way with your feminization. I do also, but only go out in public occasionally. They are always wonderful experiences. Will not go out in the neighborhood. Afraid one of my friends might recognize me. You go gurl! Love, Marcy

Your experience parallels most of us... We desperately desire to be accept as one of the girls.

Thanks for sharing.My wife does not mind my dressing.She does not understand but appreciates my feelings.<br />

I understand your feelings completly, sure wish my wife would accept me but I know she would not.