I have been wondering about the following:

  • The phrase, "All you can do now is pray" bothers me. How is that supposed to make me feel better? If prayer is the only option left, then it sounds like I'm screwed, no? 
  • How did they clean up the balls after the Riot Control Test in Jackass: Number Two?
  • Why do people think they're "above" you because they don't like Jim Carrey's humor? If you can't laugh at Dumb and Dumber, then I don't want to be around you.
  • Why is Hitler the go-to example for evil? He's not the only person to kill masses of people. And what about all the others that were involved? The people under Hitler? The German citizens themselves (the majority liked Hitler)? The U.S.? 
  • Why did people of the 80s go along with those horrible fashions? How did they not find those clothes repulsive? If I was an adult during the 80s, I would have found something else or made my own clothes.
  • Why are all Christians bad in the eyes of Atheists? Why are all Atheists bad in the eyes of Christians? Why can't we agree that the extremes of both sides do not represent the entire group?
  • When will people leave Bush alone? Enough is enough.
  • Why is it that Republicans are the epitome of evil and Democrats are supposedly awesome? If I was to judge both parties based on personal experiences, I would have to say Democrats are the evil ones. (I know I'm generalizing but I don't care in this example.)
  • Why won't feminists go away now? We have no need for them and they're quite sickening. Will I always have to live with this crap? Men are now the minority, especially white men.
  • People that are constantly down and depressed and pride themselves on this bother me. Why can't they get help or at least pretend to be happy? Why do they have to subject the rest of us to their misery? There's enough misery in the world, why do some people feel the need to spread it?
  • Why do the commercials for gay dating services prominently feature sleeveless men with big arms? Are big arms a selling point for gay men? I never heard any of my gay friends exclaim, "Wow, that man has huge arms! I wanna hit that!"
  • Why is it so hard for people to be themselves? Fear of judgement? People judge, that's what we do. You need to get over that. You yourself judge others even if you think you don't.
  • Why do we need commercials about the dangers of smoking? Doesn't everyone know already? I'm sick of seeing them. I think we should let smokers be. Should we advertise the dangers of driving? Taking a shower? Flying on a plane? Pretty much everything is dangerous. Besides, smoking is legal and they're adults. They can do as they please.
  • Why does it seem that most intelligent people are huge snobs? Don't you think they should take pity on the rest of us because we're stupid? Do they really need to feel superior to the masses and flaunt their intelligence?
  • Why is it so wrong that I don't think global warming is that huge of an issue? Why are you basically considered a stupid conservative monster? I'm not a monster, I'm not stupid, and I don't identify with any party.
  • Both liberal and conservative extremes bother me but the liberal extreme makes me feel pukey inside. Why?
  • Is Obama Robin Hood? Why can't wealthy people have their wealth? If I made my money by legitimate means, I wouldn't want someone taking it away from me. It's mine. I don't know about anyone else, but I would do my share and donate. I would still like what I earned, though.
  • Why do people make SUCH A HUGE DEAL about EP? I mean, if you don't like it, if people are making you angry, if whatever, then why don't you just leave and find a new site? If you hate it so much, why are you still here? Why do people obsess and whine over it?

I guess I'll stop there. I'm too lazy to type out all of my thoughts.

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6 Responses Feb 26, 2009

You pose a lot of interesting questions. Some I have been thinking about for quite sometime (ex. Insult with a smile).
Beautiful questions. Well suited for a nice relaxing atmosphere during the evening time. With a cup tea. Well at least that's how I do it.
Keep wondering and questioning. Don't be a sheep like other people.

Take care

I see where you're coming from now. It's all good.

I guess neither of us were being very clear, eh?

Geez, if I bother you this much perhaps you should stop reading my stories? I have posted pictures. I do not have long, brown hair. I also am not pulling my hair out in frustration - I'm THINKING about these things! And, no, I was just using that as an example of why smilies after an insult bothers me. I didn't mean to harp on that, just giving you an example so maybe you could see why it's irritating.

A lot of people will insult you and then smile, like the smile makes everything okay. You look horrendous today. :) You know? I hate when people do that. If you're gonna insult me, just insult me, damn it.<br />
<br />
I think it's interesting the tones we have in our head when we're reading. When I re-read my story, I read it in my contemplating tone (yes, I have a contemplating tone).<br />
<br />
ALSO, what about those little balls??

I had retyped the one that you said WTF on. I had rambled on a bit and decided to shorten it. So... yeah. I was wondering aloud and sort of venting. I didn't really need any answers to my questions but your answers were interesting even if I don't agree with them all. Hm... Why do people feel that a smiley face will take away from an insult? I don't think I was bitching, I think I was thinking out loud......