Strange Combo

I was born as a redhead. So when I look at my baby-photos, I see a baby with a blazing red hair. I still have freckles to remind me of my redhead years. Couple years went by and my hair turned to ultra blond. And then as a teenager it started to turn to golden blond and now I would say it's strawberry blond. And what makes my hair-color even weirder, my both parents (and yes they are my biological parents) are brunettes.

My mother has very thick and rigid hair and my father has thin and soft, flexible hair. I've inherited best qualities from both of them. I have very thick but soft hair. As years have gone by, I've started to notice that I have natural waves in my hair, which can be frustrating sometimes, as they spiral the way they like and it's hard to control them when they are on that kind of mood. Yep, my hair seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.

Fennella Fennella
31-35, F
May 3, 2008